Now I’m just mad

So, last night John mentioned to me that only 3,000 kids are diagnosed with leukemia each year in the U.S. I don’t know why I’ve not seen this number yet with the plethora of information I have pored through to learn everything I can about the disease that is trying to kill my daughter. But, somehow I haven’t.

3,000. How can this be? Do you know there are more than 75 million kids in the U.S.? I looked it up on the Internet. My child is one of 3,000 out of more than 75 million kids to get this disease. That’s a .004% chance that my child could be diagnosed with leukemia.

That makes me so outrageously mad. I really can’t explain why exactly, but maybe it just seems like a cruel joke to get something this rare. To have it rip everything apart this way.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m more thankful than you can imagine that more kids don’t get leukemia. I wouldn’t wish on anyone. But, as John and I both said in the surreal two days between the time a doctor first uttered the word “leukemia” and the time we knew it to be fact, leukemia is something you give money towards when you see the little bald kids on a telethon on TV or on a poster in the grocery store. It’s not something that happens to your kid.

Or, is it?


3 thoughts on “Now I’m just mad

  1. I’m with you. I keep thinking about the fact that there IS a cause and a cure for leukemia and other childhood cancers. We just have to find out what they are. No child should ever have to go through what Tanner and Lily are going through. We’ve got to get more funding for research.

  2. Beth,
    You, John, Tanner, and Jake have every right to be mad (i know you don’t need me to tell you that). I don’t know if John told you or not but my mom works at St. Jude where she runs one of the research labs. When mom first started research work on cancer the cure rate for leukemia was 7%. Their research has come a long way (but you already knew that). Once they reach the 100% cure rate hopefully they can find a preventative medicine. I’m not sure if this can provide you any comfort at all but mom told me to tell you, John, and Tanner that she’s on the job and working hard for Tanner! I love you guys so very much and long for the day I can put my arms around Tanner!

  3. Leslie:

    Tell you Mom there are a boatload of Mom’s and Dad’s out there who are so happy there are people like her working on the problem. She’s a hero in my book.


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