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tanner-with-noseTanner is a beautiful, fun, spunky and smart nine year old girl. Her birthday is July 8, 2003. On Monday June 1, 2009 Tanner was diagnosed with pre B cell ALL, a form of leukemia (I wish we didn’t have to learn to spell that word), click on the word diagnosis to learn more about ALL.

I offered to host a blog as a place for her parents to journal, to leave information that might be of interest to friends and family and a place where she and her parents can visit to receive supportive words from you (and partially because it was just something I could do.)

Please add your comments to the thoughts and prayers page (or at the bottom of any post). As that page grows, My  hope that this will be a source of encouragement , hope and strength for Tanner and her parents when they have a day that might require some extra encouragement.

Please share any feedback you’d like me to hear (comment anywhere on the blog or send me an email–address above). You can add your thoughts about Tanner below.

I’m doing what little I can and hanging up this virtual bulletin board in cyberspace and inviting you to tack a note up on it.

Ron Whitler

FYI, There are separate RSS feeds for posts and for comments. You’ll see links on the footer of any page of the blog. (If you don’t know what that means, it will not be on the exam, let it go.)

3 thoughts on “About Tanner

  1. Dear Tanner, I am a relative by marriage to your Grandpa John (he and my husband Art are first cousins). We have been friends with Grandma Linda and Grandpa John for about 10 years. I met your grandma in Washington, DC at the Union Station train plaza. She and I went to the Library of Congress and the Archives to look up information on your grandpa’s family. We became good friends and they visited us in Florida and we visited them in Atlanta. I have three grandsons: Wyatt (10), William(5) who live here in Delaware where I live during the summers, and one other grandson, Ryan(8) who lives in Baltimore. They all love to visit us here in Ocean View, DE because we are only 2 miles from the Atlantic Ocean and go often to play in the sand and water. We hope you do well with your chemo and get better very soon. You and your mommy and daddy were in our prayers Sunday at Mass. Love, Sharon and Art Brisbane

  2. Hi Tanner,
    I REALLY enjoyed working with you in your new “School Room” today. That room is very cool! You were an awesome student and I look forward to working with you again soon. AND…….I have a surprise for you the next time I come to

    Ms. O’Hara 🙂

  3. omg tanner 😛 !!!! you are soooo kewl and immm soooo jelly of you lmao!! but we should rly hangout soon srs girl!!!! but anyways ttyl j-shore is on !!!!!!!!!!!! bye luv

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