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As I explained Tanner’s illness and treatment with my children, I found an image used by the doctors as they talked with Tanner to be very helpful and understandable.  Here’s my attempt at it — Our bodies are like a garden that are meant to produce beautiful flowers, but like a garden there are sometimes weeds that grow. Tanner has some weeds growing inside here that have to be taken care of, and just like a real garden, they use weedkiller (medicine) to kill the weeds. Yesterday Tanner and the doctors started killing weeds together with medicine.

I hope to add more here to help children understand, care  and pray for our friend Tanner.

One of Tanner’s favorite books about Leukemia is titled “Chemo To the Rescue”. You can read more about the book by clicking on the title.

Feel free to add your comments, thoughts and ideas , or to let your children add a thought or comment here.

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