Pardon my last vituperative post. Temporary negativity.

So, here’s a positive note. The kindness of strangers is amazing. Today, one of my neighbors came by to ask if a friend of theirs, Matthew West, a Christian music artist who has been following Tanner’s blog, can bring us dinner. We don’t know these people, but they are just kind and want to help.

Today, we get a package from Bob Chapek, the President of Disney Studios Home Entertainment. It contains videos, some Sleeping Beauty stuff and autographed publicity photos of the cast of Hannah Montana and High School Musical, some of which are personalized to Tanner. Seriously. (Melissa Dick, you were in Disney World last week and I strongly suspect your involvement here… a million thanks 🙂 If this doesn’t make my steroid-ravaged child smile, nothing will.

Jake’s preschool teacher has been sending Tanner letters almost every day from animals; we got one today from Keith the Cat. She doubles as a pet sitter and sends pictures of the animals and writes a letter. Tanner is intrigued. I know this takes time… taking the picture, printing it out, writing the letter, etc.

These are just a few of the things that happened today. Things like this have happened every day since we landed in the hospital.

My point is, these are extraordinary kindnesses. However big or small, they are extraordinary every one. They make this bearable for us. They buoy our spirits and make us smile. They remind us of the good things in the world when it seems a little bleak.

Tanner now has more than 300 friends on her Friends of Tanner myspace page. More than 300 people in less than two weeks… amazing. John and I find ourselves asking each other, “Do you know someone named…” and often the answer is “no.” Neither one of us know this person who has cared enough about a little girl with cancer, who they have never met, to post a word of hope. Kindness.

We are lifted, no carried by these acts of kindness. I’m hoping to be in a place to return the favor one day.


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  1. Beth…how cool to hear that the Disney folks sent you goodies! I cannot claim to have anything to do with it, other than telling everyone who would listen to me at the park about beautiful Tanner. I would credit it to Disney being the Happiest Place on Earth, and apparently, the nicest!

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