Thoughts and Prayers

Tanner at the beach

Tanner at the beach

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  1. Hi John, it’s been a long time-One of the things I love about the Lambuth family is that you can call on them at anytime; even if several years have past since you have spoken. I am praying for Tanner and your entire family.
    Psalm 139
    April Smith Carpenter

  2. Our every thought and prayer are with all of you. There is no “understanding of this” only acceptance and I don’t know how you begin to get there but God will lead you there. David Ross was kind enough to let me know today-we are going to be in constant prayer for all of you. WE LOVE YOU!!

  3. Placing a note here seems so inconsequential, but I wanted you to know that thoughts and prayers are being sent to you from all over the country. In addition, Rita’s has a campaign right now supporting research for children’s cancer, and “for Tanner” with a smiley face is now posted on the wall there. I took a picture, but I’m not sure how to post it here (though, it’s on my Facebook page, and I am a Fan of Tanner’s). Please let Tanner know that she’s famous, and that hugs are being sent her way from all over.

    Susan Parker
    Annapolis, Maryland

  4. I am a friend of Leigh Feld’s. I want you to know that Tanner and your entire family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  5. Just a quick note to tell you that we think of Tanner and the rest of your family throughout our days. You are in our prayers. We can’t wait for Tanner to be up and around, her old lively self. Please give Tanner a big hug for us! (Just don’t tell Conor that he is hugging a girl!) Susan

  6. Hey guys…just a quick note to tell you i love you and am thinking about you. I saw Baylie and Jenna today and they both asked about Tanner and how she was feeling. They wanted me to tell her that they love her and hope she feels better really soon! They don’t really understand they just know she doesn’t feel good.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers all the time. The blog is great! I love you and am here for anything you need! Jenny 🙂

  7. Beth,

    I am overwhelmed by your strength and fortitude and your positive kick-#@^ attitude. I guess we all know where Tanner gets her amazing strength. I pray for Tanner, for you and John, for little Jake and your entire family so many times every day. Owen is praying, too. When I told him about Tanner and asked if he remembered her, he said “Oh, yeah… she was in Ms. Christie’s class and she had yellow hair and sparkled a lot, right?” Yep, buddy, that’s the girl. Please know my family is holding yours in the light of God.

    Love, Leigh

  8. Hi Tanner and family,

    You guys don’t know me but I am Jennifer Bell’s best friend. She has been sharing your story with me. I am prayerful, optimistic, and most often inspired by this little girl with so much heart. She obviously has such a wonderful family and many friends that care for her and are praying for her (me included!). I want to say that I look forward to hearing the story of her recovery unfold. I am just one of many you don’t know who are thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers.

    Best wishes,

  9. Hi John and Beth,

    Kari Thompson sent me a note about your daughter. I grew up next to John, Michael and Lisa. I am so sorry to learn about your struggle. I work for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and understand the horrible struggle you are enduring and the choices you are forced to make. God bless you. Our family will include your family in the prayers we offer for so many little kids with this big cancer.


  10. Greetings from Trenton, Tn. We wanted to tell you that we are praying for you. God has you all in his hands, just hold on tight! We put Tanner and your family on the prayer list at our church, First Presbterian in Trenton and will continue to do so. There are a lot folks praying you and I hope you can take a little comfort in that so many people care.

  11. Hi Page Family~
    I am thinking about you today and praying for comfort during the procedures. I was so glad to see Tanner yesterday, especially since it was a good day for her. She was the Tanner I know….all sparkly and all smiles…even a little silly! Praying for many more days like yesterday for you and Tanner.
    Keeping you lifted in prayer!
    Take Care~Sissie

  12. Hey Beth, John, and Tanner!

    Just want you to know that we are lifting you up daily! I pray that God wraps his arms around each of you and gives you the strength you need to fight this! You are a brave little girl Tanner Page and my new hero!!

    Christy Wallsmith

  13. Hi Beth, John, Tanner and Jake!

    Wanted you to know yet another family is praying for you every day! I pray for your strength, courage, peace, comfort and rest. I pray God will hold Tanner and give her every good thing! I pray for God’s guidance for the doctors and nurses. You guys are amazing! Tanner is so lucky to have an awesome family taking care of her! I think of you often throughout the day and every time I do I say a prayer.

    Shelly, Greg, Garrett and Seth Hinson

  14. Dear Tanner, Beth, and John,

    All of our family is praying that your strength will grow as you grow weary of the process that you are undertaking. The chaos of illnes is no greater match than the chaos from which God drew all of the created order. God will create something new in each of you as you move through this time of confusion and heartbreak. I believe that God will grant you moments of joy, even though, it may not seem that way now.

    God bless you and strengthen you.

    John: thank you for your help last week. We love the house.

    John and Robyn Bonson

  15. To beautiful Tanner 🙂 🙂
    I am praying for you… and I absolutely love watching you dance. 🙂 You have so much energy, so much excitement, and the most radiating smile in the room. 🙂 You are like sunshine entering the room. I love you lots lots lots and I’m praying really hard for you! God is gonna take care of you. He is holding you in his arms and he loves you more than anyone else.

    I hope you feel better very soon. 🙂 I know that God has amazing things in store for your life! XOXXOXOXOXOX

    Miss. Morgan 🙂 🙂

  16. John and Beth,
    I just learned about sweet little Tanner, and I’ll be keeping track of her (and y’all) on your blog. I just can’t imagine how gut-wrenching this is for you as her parents, but I hope the love and prayers and support of all the people who care about you is helping to sustain you. Count me as one of those many, many who are praying for Tanner and for all of you.


  17. Dear Beautiful Tanner,
    Miss Annette is praying for you every day. My prayers, my tears, my hugs and my love go to you, Jake, Mommy and Daddy. Toby and Ming send there love to all of you and Lily to. God Bless you always.
    Miss Annette

  18. John, Beth, and Tanner
    We are praying for you each day. May God bless you each.
    John and Robyn Bonson & Elaine Reiners

  19. Beth
    I have just heard this news from Nancy via Norma. Know that I am thinking of all of you and praying for you. I have loved reading all of your entries so definitely keep those coming. Wishing for a complete recovery!

  20. Tanner-you are a beautiful girl and I look forward to following your story and fight! You can do anything you set your heart and mind to! You are in my prayers as well as your Mommy and Daddy!

  21. Dear Beautiful Tanner,

    Being different is a good thing…and right now God has chosen you to set an example and teach all of us… your Mommy and Daddy, your brother, the rest of your family and ‘all’ of your friends about your disease. You are such a strong little girl and have so many blessings that God has waiting for you.

    Each of us a unique journey…very special for each person. Our experiences and what we learn from them are what makes us different. Just think of this experience as being a your classroom and you are the teacher.

    Tanner you are so special and Miss Annette feels so honored to have you as my friend. I am praying for you, Jake, Mommy and Daddy every day.

    Miss Annette

  22. Dear Beth and John,

    In response to my previous message…in my humble opinion in no way do I believe God is the author of disease. What I do believe is that he is our strength and gives us the courage to see our way through the ‘whatever’ life throws our way.

    The two of you were chosen to be Tanner and Jake’s parents…and what wonderful parents they have. Thank you for sharing your experiences with the world. To now understand what this disease is all about, to experience your walk, and to see the daily miracles that are occuring for Tanner and all of you…again thank you.

    Sending my prayers and love to you regularly. God Bless and all of you.

  23. According to the first Christian Church “the Cross that we carry is the nature of spiritual life” for it keeps our mind and spirit on an upward incline that is centered in prayer and comunication with God.

  24. Hi Tanner, my name is Micah. I am in Mrs.Wood’s class. My class sent you the cards remember(I was sick when we did it). I am really glad that you got out of the hospital today! I am sorry that happened to you. Our class is following your progress. I hope God heals you completely.

    Get Better!

  25. I’m Emma. I’m 9 years old and I’m in 4th grade. I go to Moore Elementary. I have long blonde hair and I’m doing Locks for Love with Maggie ( You’ll get a note from her soon.) and the wigs made out of either Maggie’s or my hair could end up with you!!! My dad is a pediatrician, that means he’s a doctor who helps kids. Sending most of my love because I have to have some to give to everyone else, but because your in therapy I send most of it to you.


    Emma H. your new best friend

  26. Hi I am Kara.I am in 4th grade.I am freind with Emma Henschel!! I really hope I really hope you are going to feel better.And I am sorry that you have to do therapy.I HOPE I get to know you sometime!I am in Mrs.Woods classroom,so we got the card that had the picture of you in it.

    your freind,
    Kara love ya!
    x o x o x

  27. Hey Tanner,
    I just heard what a big day you had yesterday! Congratulations! I know that pizza and cake make the best parties! Just wanted to tell you I love you!


  28. Dear Tanner,
    Hi! It’s me . . . Mr. Alvey . . . your music teacher at Moore Elementary. Do you remember the words to our school song . . . “a happy place to be, where learning can be fun” and so on. Well, we miss you terribly and hope you will feel better soon and come back to be with us. It is just not the same without your sweet smiling face and your wonderful singing voice!
    I think about you and your family very often and my prayer is that you get well and enjoy each day!
    Mr. Alvey

  29. Tanner, My name is Caroline and I’m in Mrs. Wood ‘s fourth grade class at Moore Elementary. I hope you are feeling better and I’m praying for you and I hope to see you at school soon. From your good friend, Caroline

  30. Tanner,
    I just wanted to say how great it was to take care of you today! I am so proud of how brave and strong you are! I loved your hair!! You looked so beautiful! You are such a precious little girl and have a special place in my heart! Thanks for letting be your nurse today!! And I am glad I did a good job with your port! I told you I was pretty good:) I will be praying for you and your family! I know that God has a perfect plan for you!

  31. I’m Maggie McConnell, I’m in 4th grade and at Moore Elementary. As Emma Henschel said , the 2 of us are going to do locks of Love in honor of you! Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  32. Hey Tanner, I had fun playing with you at recess (gym). I was the one that pushed you on the tire swing and got you off of it. We will be good friends soon:) ! I am so happy your at school! When I heard the news I was so happy. From Your Good Friend ,Caroline Miles, and Happy St. Patrick “s Day !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Hi Tanner. Ella and I have missed seeing you at soccer. Your dad told me about your fashion show. How exciting! I just bought tickets to see Sleeping Beauty. We can’t wait! We know you will perform beautifully.
    See you soon!
    Diana (Ella’s mom) and Ella

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