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Since we have been home from the hospital, we have been worried about Tanner’s walking. First, the fact that it is nearly limited to walking to and from the bathroom, and second, that it hurts and seems difficult for her. We worried that she had some weakness, perhaps caused by the chemo or the steroids. While her walking has gotten steadily better, it is still slow and limited. She has stopped using the cane and doesn’t need to hold our hand anymore. This is all good. She still labors up stairs, but seemed to even be getting better at that. The doctor basically said, “Use it or lose it” so we’ve been forcing the issue and she’s really been trying. Then, yesterday, she started complaining that the back of her right calf hurt when she walked. I stretched it, massaged it, but to no avail. She began dragging it along the ground because it hurt less than picking it up and walking. Two steps forward and one step back, I guess.

Last night, during one of her many nightly eating binges, she said she was so disappointed because she was going to show E. (John’s Mom) today how well she could walk with her cane, but now her leg hurt to much. Still, when she saw how tired i was on our 3rd trip to the bathroom for the night and, consequently, her 3rd eating binge, she told me she would go to the bathroom by herself so I could sleep. She said I should never take her to the bathroom at night again because I was grumpy at night (mind you, this was 2 am). So, for the rest of the night, she dragged her little leg behind her to the bathroom… sweet thing.

This morning, it is no better and her tummy started hurting again (could it have something to do with the two bagels and taco she ate for breakfast?). We marked another day on our steroid calendar (5 1/2 more days). She actually had a pretty good day yesterday, considering she had chemo the day before. When these stomach cramps from the steroids go away, I think she will feel so much better.

Five and a half more days… count it down with us!

Beth, Tanner, John and Jake

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  1. Hey T! Hope you had a good weekend. I’ve been thinking about you! Tuesday is your last steroid day for a long time and I know you can’t wait for that part to be over. I’ll see you soon. Love and kisses, Aunt Beth

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