The Inevitable

March 1, 2010

Tanner in the flower girl dress she would have worn the day she was diagnosed with leukemia.

Tanner finally caught Jake’s coughing virus. It was probably inevitable. The good news is I took her to clinic and her counts were still very strong (4,000!!!!) and her lungs were clear. They think she probably has the same virus he had, but the steroids have suppressed the fever aspect… hopefully. We’ll find out when she goes off the steroids tomorrow. She takes her last dose in the morning. She’s done really well with them this time. Her emotions have been more in check than in the past. She is still tired and doesn’t feel well and, tonight, not sleeping well, but all in all, better.

So, here’s hoping the cough doesn’t turn into something else. Her counts are certainly high enough to fight it off.

The doctor also decided to test her for something called hypogammaglobulinemia… really… I’m not making this stuff up. It’s an immune disorder that would have been caused by both the leukemia and the chemo that make’s Tanner’s immune system weaker than normal, even for a leukemia kid. They see it occasionally in kids with ALL. If she has it, she will need a monthly transfusion of IV Immunoglobulin during her clinic visit. The doctor says he has seen great results for these kids. We’ll find out next week at our clinic visit.

So, not what we planned for today, but it turned out well. Hopefully, she’ll get over the virus uneventfully and we can take advantage of these crazy good counts and have some fun!


3 thoughts on “The Inevitable

  1. Don’t worry Tanner. We will have our picture made in our dresses this summer! I can’t wait. We will have to make sure Keith gets a tux! Even though you couldn’t make it to the wedding, you were/are still my flower girl!!

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