The Energizer Bunny

August 21, 2009 Just a quick post to say, again, that Tanner’s energy never ceases to amaze me. We went letterboxing this morning (thanks to all those sweet people who responded to last night’s post with plans for today… I have the best friends imaginable) with friends and rode bikes for a mile or more, then played on the playground. Tanner wanted to ride another trails that loops around the playground, but I was pooped from running after bikes and we went home. Had lunch, nap for Jake, quiet time for Tanner. Then, Tanner and I danced for a while. Then, she danced some more by herself. THEN, we went swimming at the Whitlers’… for two hours (sorry guys, we had no idea we were there that long). — (cruise director response: y’all can stay all day and all night anytime!)
She got a little sleepy in the car on the way home, but rebounded as we were eating and was chatty Cathy at bedtime.

HOW IN THE WORLD?!!! I was tired and I do not have leukemia.

One of my friends commented on Facebook that Tanner used to have the energy of 5 kids, so on chemo, she probably has the energy of 2. I think she’s right.

One funny side note… Yesterday I was broaching the dreaded task of trying to sort out all the medical bills and match them up with EOB’s. (May I just say, I will never again complain about our insurance premiums. Thank God and Franklin American Mortgage Company for good insurance, a good job and a supportive work environment.) Anyway, I came across a bill from Vanderbilt for the night that Tanner had to spend in the hospital because she had a fever. The charges were $8,700 (for ONE night), but our portion to pay was…. $1.00. That’s right, one dollar. Vanderbilt sent us a bill for one dollar! Too funny. I couldn’t bear to write a check for $1 and waste a stamp on it, so I paired it with another bill and wrote one check for both.

Again, thank God we have good insurance. I read somewhere that average treatment cost for a child with leukemia is over half of a million dollars. After looking at the charges thus far, I can easily believe it will get to that point. I don’t know how a family who is not as fortunate as we are can do this. The financial strain, on top of what you are already going through, must be unbearable.

I said I was going to make a quick update, and I’m already off on a tangent.

Never mind.


2 thoughts on “The Energizer Bunny

  1. Whenever Becca next ear tube replacement surgery comes along (I have a feeling it will be soon), her bills will top $1,000,000. I was frustrated today when I heard that insurance won’t cover the $2850 for her head-shaping helmet, but after paying less than $5000 of this $1,000,000, I couldn’t be too angry. I thank God almost daily for good health insurance! Like you said – I can’t imagine the financial stress on top of it all – I mean, we stressed about commuting 80 miles a day when gas was $4/gallon, but that’s nothing compared to thousands of dollars a day – but having to find a way to pay on top of having a very sick kid – I think it would have pushed me over the top. So glad you don’t have to worry about selling your soul to Vandy, either! 🙂

  2. thanks for writing when you are “pooped”. It means so much to open up
    each morning to an update of my precious family. I love you all!

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