Tanner has cancer

Today, for the first time, Tanner looks like a cancer patient. She is pale with dark shadows under her eyes and can’t wake up this morning, even though it is 8:45 am (for those of you who know what early birds my kids are, this will mean something). I know in my brain that means the chemo is working, killing all those abnormal cells along with what few good ones she had left, but in my heart it is killing me. I just want to fix it for her. Today is the day she gets the two horrible shots in her legs and I hope that she and I are strong. Tanner is terrified of shots and if there is any part of this that I could take from her, this would be it. Please pray for us today.


4 thoughts on “Tanner has cancer

  1. I know it feels like God is overestimating your ability to endure, but have faith. You and Tanner will both survive this, and she will grow up to be a wonderfully sensitive, empathetic child. Pain and frustration live short; faith, hope and love endure.

    Today will seem long – hang in there and know that you are truly not alone. People around the world are praying for you.

    Much love – RP

  2. praying hard for all of you, and especially tanner. you will be strong because you ARE strong…stronger than you thought. and tanner will be angry and scared but she will outlast the cancer. because she is strong too. just like you. just like john. just like jake. you are a strong family.

    there is not a single moment of any day that we are not thinking of and praying for you all. and i know you know that. i miss my friend, and i hurt for you too.


  3. We are praying for Tanner as she gets the PEG shots. That is the part of Lily’s treatment that I dreaded the most. And they are hard. Have a surprise (friend visit or art project or gift) ready for her immediately afterwards to help move her thoughts past the experience. That’s what helped with Lily. The “cancer look” is hard to handle. Just keep reminding yourself that it won’t be too long and she’ll start looking more like her “old” self. Tanner is in our prayers each day.

  4. Beth, My heart breaks for all of you. Trusting in the great Healer to help through this pain, yours and hers. Seems so inadequate, but know that I am with you in spirit.

    The Other Beth Page

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