starting to feel better

We finally got Tanner to leave the couch! I put her in her room today after lunch for a nap (she slept 3 hours) and then had a pretty uneventful afternoon. Then, Tanner, whose entire life right now seems to revolve around what food she is going to eat next, remembered that Dad said he might bring her home McDonalds. I told her maybe we could spread a blanket upstairs in the play room and have a picnic. So, she calls Dad and puts in an order for she and Jake and we had a picnic upstairs. She was propped up on pillows the whole time, but was very alert and laughed a lot watching Jake and Daddy play like wild men. It seemed very normal, which is rare. So, I’m hoping today she might have a little more energy. I think the chemo is going to put her down for two good days every time and then, slowly, she will feel a little better each day until it is time to get whammied again. She told me today she was afraid to see her friends because she was scared she might give them leukemia. It took me a while to convince her that can’t happen and I’m still not sure she believes me. She also said she was afraid kids would make fun of her because she has leukemia. In what universe is it okay for a five-year-old to have to think about these things? Here’s hoping to see a little more of my girl back tomorrow. Beth

3 thoughts on “starting to feel better

  1. Love hearing about the picnic! Sounds like progress in the making even
    if it seems sorta slow. I sympathize thoroughly with the chemo whammy thing – it’s really cruel, but seems that it’s necessary.
    Thanks for being a fabulous Mom for Tanner and Jake!

  2. Much love to all of you, and fingers crossed for more good days ahead!! I’m so sorry you’re all dealing with this, Tanner most of all, but so far the news sounds as positive as we could hope for.

  3. Beth,
    If you ever want Charlotte to play with Tanner for an hour, we can promise to play something that doesn’t involve much movement. You can assure Tanner that Charlotte will not make fun of her at all. We’ve had other experience with cancer in our family. Call if the moment strikes and we’ll race over. 591-5929
    Hang in there,

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