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I’m tired, so I’m going to just deliver the news and save all my ponderings and pontificatings for another day. Tanner had her first “clinic” day in the outpatient cancer clinic. She was terrified, but did really well. Had her port accessed by needle for the first time, which was a little rough, but I think she will get used to it. They have some amazing numbing cream, but she just hates needles and gets really emotional. She did awesome in her surgeries — a spinal tap with chemo infusion and a bone marrow biopsy. In fact, as John and I sat waiting for her to wake up in the recovery room, John said, “This is our new normal,” and sadly, it felt true. It was the third time in a week, we had been in that very room with the same recovery nurse (Thanks, Ms. Lee… you’re awesome!)

We will find out tomorrow what percentage of Leukemia cells are still in her marrow. Less than 5% is considered remission, but they think since she started out with a 95% infiltration, she probably won’t be there yet and we will have to have another bone marrow biopsy next week. So pray for low numbers to save her one more surgery.

Her blood levels were great, holding steady and even increasing in some cases. Her red blood cells had dropped some, which is the source of her tiredness, but her energy level has been up the last few days so we are thankful for that. It will be interesting to see how the spinal chemo infusion and the IV chemo today affect her.

The doctor was encouraging about her difficulty walking. She feels it is still leukemia pain and not a side effect of the chemo (this is a good thing, since leukemia pain should fade and the chemo progresses). With her very high infiltration, it may take longer than normal for that pain to recede for her. If it is a side effect of the chemo, it will likely be with her for the next 6-9 months until we hit the maintenance phase of her treatment. So let us hope it gets better so she can get back to the business of playing.

Okay, this post is still longer than I intended. I have no gift for brevity to be sure. Getting up at the crack of dawn tomorrow for Jake’s surgery (yes, this seems like a cruel joke, but it is not, I assure you). He is just having tubes put in his ears for chronic ear infections, which is supposed to be just a nothing procedure, so not a big deal. Still, it was pretty ironic that there I was waiting for Tanner to wake up and I am on the phone with another hospital arranging for Jake’s surgery… again, my life is just weird lately.

Good night,

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  1. I know you do not know me. I work with Denise Hensley at the Church Health Center. I have been keeping up with your family via this blog and Denise. Tanner and your family are in my prayers. I will be sharing your pray needs with my study school class. I am sure you have more than enough things to read, but i thought the website listed above may be helpful. I hope all went well today!

  2. Good golly – you and John are going to need to register with The Joint Commission if you keep up with all these hospital visits! We’re praying for stellar outcomes from both kids. Hang in there!!

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