Tanner’s Uncle’s new hair-doo

uncle_bris_hairdooUncle Bris’ New Hairdoo

Hi Tanner, I have been talking to your mom and dad, keeping up with how you are doing. They tell me that you are going to have a new hairdoo. So I decided that I would get the same hairdoo. I was trying to take my picture while I was talking to your mom and she was making me laugh so the picture isn’t very good. I know that my hair will grow back just like yours will. So I will keep mine this way with you and we will let our hair grow together. I love you and am thinking about you all the time. You are an angel, and I have asked my gaurdian angel to look over you. He has taken care of me my whole life and I know that he will look out for you. His name is Michael just like mine. I am praying for you.

Uncle Bris

6 thoughts on “Tanner’s Uncle’s new hair-doo

  1. I would like to send something to Beth and John. I am John’s cousin. Please give me an address where I can send something to them.

  2. Hey Tanner,
    How are you feeling? I am so sorry we just got your site. I really want to keep with all your news so send me a little note to let me know if I am doing this right. Cole and Taylor say hello and they love seeing your pictures. I hope to see you real soon.
    Love you so much,
    Honey,Robert,Cole and Taylor Wage

  3. Honey:
    This is the right place, although if you will click the comment link at the end of a post you have read, I will get it in my email and be able to email you back. I’ll read your post to Tanner.

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