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  1. Hi Beth (& family)

    My name is Lisa, and together with my 8-yr. old daughter Camryn, I’ve just read through the entire blog from last May’s start to last week’s finish.

    What an incredible log you have kept of Tanner’s difficult journey. I just wanted to express my gratitude that you have taken the time to do so, and how lucky I feel to have stumbled upon it.

    My 6-yr. old daughter Kendall was diagnosed with Pre-B Cell ALL on January 10th.

    It was nice to read about such a closely-matched situation that has gone through the treatment phases which lie ahead for us. The unknown is the worst, isn’t it?

    Anyway, I also have a son the same age as Jake (he turns 3 in June) so I really empathized with many of your sentiments.

    You are a phenomenal mom & person- I can just tell from reading your entries, so thanks for sharing. I know this blog was meant for your family and friends, but I’m really glad I stumbled upon it and was able to share in your journey.

    I hope that Tanner’s transition back to school goes smoothly and look forward to reading about it!! Good luck with the new house & new dog too!

    Take care,

  2. Lisa: I’m so sorry for your family and your daughter. This is a difficult club that no one should have to join, but it is a close-knit club nonetheless. Kendall should be almost finished with induction, am I correct? That is such a terrible time and I remember how devestated I was. Please know that you can email me with any questions or just to vent. babybris@comcast.net

    We can help each other.


  3. I love all these pictures. I pray for Tanner and i havent been able to wish her a happy birthday yet either so tell her i said that. I pray for you guys and go Tanner, You rock


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