Clinic Day #42

October 20, 2010

Anytime Tanner’s chemo gets increased, we have to go in for a counts check two weeks later to see what effect the increase has had. Today her neutraphils were at 2,700, up from 1,100 two weeks ago and her hemoglobin remained unchanged at 11.2 (a normal level). Both of these things surprised me greatly, in a good way!

It’s very possible her neutraphils are up due to the virus she had last week and they may come down in the next week or so. Her hemoglobin level doesn’t really explain her lack of energy recently, but maybe the higher dose of chemo is just harder on her. I’m trying to tell my Mommy Radar to trust the numbers and calm down, but it just won’t listen.

Tanner, Leah and Elise at the Zoo yesterday

She also got a flu shot today… it was the first time ever that Tanner got a shot of any kind without screaming and crying. I bribed her with silly bandz… who knew? She is participating in a study to determine whether giving kids with ALL an increased flu vaccine dosage will increase their immunity to the flu. Apparently, they have done a similar study with the elderly and a higher dose did improve immunity, so they figured it might work for anyone who is immuno-compromised.

Riding the carousel at the zoo

We agreed to do the study and then they told us that there is a $40 payment for study — $20 when you get the shot and $20 when we go back for a blood draw in a month. Tanner was ecstatic! “I’m going to waste it all on silly bandz!!!” she screamed. So, we went directly for Silly Bandz after clinic. Happy girl.

Love, Beth

3 thoughts on “Clinic Day #42

  1. So, when can I get a t-shirt that says, “Tanner is my hero”?
    You could roll them, secure them with silly bandz, and sell them at lemonade stands.

  2. I will buy her a whole crate of silly bandz if that is what helps her with all of this! She is such an amazing child and I just love both her and Jake so much!

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