Clinic Day #27

January 28, 2010

Apparently Tanner will be going back to school!!!!!! Hoooooooooorayyyyyyyyy!!!!! We’ll meet with the school next week to iron out any special considerations she will need, let her get over the steroids she started taking today, and start her out on Monday, February 8th. Unbelievable. Really unbelievable.

Clinic obviously went well today, although very long. Her counts were actually quite high… too high. They were 3,300. They should be between 1,000 and 2,000, but the doctor said he wanted to see how she did this next month before he would raise it. Whew! Weird to be hoping for lower counts, but we are. I’ll take the high counts for now, though. It means her immune system will be that much stronger to fight off the school germs.

They also removed all of her eating restrictions. Tanner was almost as excited about that as she was about school. She started yelling out all the things she wanted to eat, “Salad? Grapes? Strawberries! I want strawberries!!!” It was so cute.

After all that excitement, we sat… and sat… and sat… in a very full infusion room waiting for chemo. After an hour or more, the nurse came out to tell us they had misplaced Tanner’s chemo roadmap and they couldn’t order her chemo without it. “An actual physical piece of paper? There’s no electronic file with her two-and-a-half year roadmap in it?” Apparently not. They finally found it behind the filing cabinet and ordered her chemo. More waiting… and waiting. We finally left four hours after we got there; two-and-a-half hours of which was spent waiting for a chemo push that took all of 3 minutes once it got there. You never know with clinic.

Tanner left clinic with her grandmother and they went to see Alvin and the Chipmunks. Then, home for some wii with Jake, dinner and the Make A Wish Interview.

She decided she wanted her wish to be Disney World (secret applause). We looked at Disney World and Disney Land yesterday on the Internet and she saw how much better Disney World was and decided to head to Florida instead of California. I swear I didn’t sway her (well, maybe just a little); I just pointed out that if she wanted to meet the stars of a Disney show, we could probably go to Disneyland as well. She wanted to see it online, then we clicked over to Disney World (that might be the part where I swayed her) and saw some awesome videos of the different parks. iCarly apparently cannot compete with the Magic Kingdom, Typhoon Lagoon and Animal Kingdom. Not to mention that you get to stay in the Give Kids the World village, which is just for wish kids. It has ice cream all day, Christmas every week, present fairies that leave presents under your pillow every night, and a Mayor that’s a rabbit. Seriously. I’m so excited because this is something for Jake, too. Although no one has gone through what Tanner has, Jake is affected by all this and deserves something special.

So, it was a long, but very special, day. I’m going to bed to dream about sending my daughter off to her first day back to school.


5 thoughts on “Clinic Day #27

  1. Congratulations! That is wonderful news. A nice change for a child to WANT to go to school. I saw Tanner on the news last night…I think it was Channel 4….she was putting money into the school donation jar and you guys looked so cute! Bring on Disneyland! Hugs, pat

  2. WOW….Disney World……..CONGRATULATIONS…….and I’m so happy to finally have sweet Tanner in school. FUN…FUN….FUN!
    Ms. O’Hara 🙂

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