Blessed Normalcy

Tanners B-Day Party 013July 13, 2009 I woke up this morning thinking how cruel it was that after feeling so good for the past week, Tanner was feeling very nauseated… the morning of her birthday party. But, 5 medicines and a bowl of cereal later, she was back in the game and the rest of the day was awesome!

The Build-a-bear party was the most normal experience we have had since Tanner was diagnosed. She was just a normal little girl having her 6th birthday party with 5 little giggling friends. They screamed, giggled, stuffed bears, sang the birthday song… all the normal stuff. She had a ball and forgot for a little while that she had leukemia.

Part of what made it so normal was the she didn’t need any help from us during the party. She has figured out a somewhat unorthodox, but effective method for getting herself up off the floor and was able to march around with everyone else without drawing any unusual attention to herself. Great fun!

Then, the piece de resistance… we took the training wheels back off the bike and rode the whole neighborhood. We stayed outside from 4:30 to 7 pm riding bikes, playing in the gravel, meeting neighbors and rolling in the grass. This is what I love to do with the kids. I love to be outside, to find unexpected friends and just let the fun happen. It snapped me out of a funk I had been in for days.

How amazing that Tanner is doing these things. Is there really chemo in that pill she is taking every day? How can she have this much energy? I think I had given up hope that she would be able to do these types of things for a long, long time.

We’re basking in it while we can.


2 thoughts on “Blessed Normalcy

  1. that picture really sums up the awesomeness of tanner’s 6th birthday party. that glimpse of normalcy is the goal at the end of this journey; soon all the days will be that way (complete with a just-in-time transition to tween-dom!)

    bask away…

  2. I’m so glad Tanner’s 6th birthday party was such a success. Even in the midst of such a difficult battle, there are good times and days to be had.

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