Birthday fun

July 9, 2009 Thanks so much for all the birthday wishes for Tanner. I held up a handful of birthday cards that came in the mail yesterday and commented that I had never seen so many birthday cards for one person. Tanner said, “A lot of people care about me.” Amen, sister.

We went yesterday morning to the Dollar Store at an off time when no one was there and let Tanner pick out her plates, cups, etc. for her Build-a-bear party on Monday. She’s inviting a few girlfriends and they’re opening the store early so she can go without exposure to any other kids. (Thank you Build-a-Bear) She’s super excited.

Then, last night we had a family party at the house with pizza and a Sundae bar. Tanner hasn’t been able to see her cousin, Mack, since she was diagnosed because the family has been passing a bug around. So, she was really excited and they had a really good time.

Today was our clinic day. We began the Consolidation phase of treatment today, which will last 4 weeks. Had a dose of vincristine (chemo) and an injection of another type of chemo into her spine. In addition, we started on 6-MP, which is an oral chemo she will take daily for the next month. It all went smoothly, although we narrowly missed not being able to start consolidation today because her neutraphil count was very close. It needs to be above 1000 to start and Tanner’s was 1030. Squeak!

So far, so good with this chemo. She came home and watched a movie while she ate, played on the computer with Jake for a while and then we all went outside to ride bikes for a while. She did just fine on the bike. Needed a little push up the hills and to get started, but otherwise did fine. I so, so hope that this dose of vincristine doesn’t set her leg strength back. She’s gaining so much every day and it’s so normalizing.

Special thanks to my Bunco girls tonight for getting me out of the house for a good time. Good girlfriends are good therapy. Also, thanks to my mother-in-law who came again this week so I can get out of the house, spend some time with Jake and have some help. I’m lucky to be part of such a loving family.

Here’s to more days of birthday fun!


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