A Weekend Out

December 6, 2009

Everyone got out this weekend. John and I even got out twice without the kids! And, Tanner got to go to Target; the first time we’ve been to a store in months.

Saturday, our good friends Keith and Leslie came to babysit the kids while John and I went hardwood floor and carpet shopping and had lunch out together. They had a ball and by the time we came home, Jake was in his bed napping and Tanner was on the sofa with her feet in Leslie’s lap napping in front of the TV. That means they had a really good time! Poor Tanner didn’t feel good for most of the rest of the afternoon, though. The steroids have taken effect. She’s a little difficult to reason with and pretty emotional. She is also tired; she started asking to go to bed last night at 5:45 and was asleep before 6:30 without even eating dinner.

She had a playdate with Corinne today at our house… such a treat to play with other kids. Then, my best friend Kim came over to babysit so John and I could finish up some Christmas shopping. Tanner didn’t feel good before we left and cried for me to not go. But, Aunt Kim, always prepared, brought Christmas cookies to decorate and they had a really good time.

It’s a shame that as soon as she has gotten some freedom back, she had to start a five-day pulse of steroids. Poor thing, I put the Christmas decorations up today, and we usually all go outside to look at them and ooh and ahh when I am finished. Tanner didn’t even want to get out of the chair where she was watching TV under a blanket. She said, “No thank you” and rolled over to the TV again. Just blah. She just has 3 more days of the steroids, though, so hopefully it won’t get too bad.

Hope you all had a nice weekend and are feeling the magic of the season.


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