Yay for Domino Day

June 23, 2010

Domino in the car on the way home

Finally, he’s here. Domino. Staring at me as I write on the computer. Trying to get me to scratch his ears. He is, believe it or not, cuter in person. And, so gentle and laid back. The Dog Whisperer would not have approved of his introduction to our household. Four kids screaming and playing with loud toys, six adults, everyone swarming him at once, Jake hugging him and laying on his back. But, he took it all in stride. He’s just great.

I’ll write more tomorrow about our experience at the prison. It was really inspiring. But, right now, it has been a very long day and there is a spotty dog who will expect a long walk at 6 am, so I’m going to have to stop being such a night owl from now on.

Sorry we didn’t take better pictures. We didn’t get home until 4:30 with Domino and the kids were so excited. We had a small dog fight with the lab next door and then we, ever so briefly, lost our new dog. Jake left the door open and he slipped out. John and I cornered him one street over, but it was a close call. Whew! So, it was a little crazy and we hustled the kids off to bed while we gave Domino a little break in his crate and then realized we forgot to take pictures. Tanner had trouble sleeping and came down later and we snapped a shot of the two of them, so that’s really all we have. We’ll take better pics tomorrow and I’ll write about meeting the inmates that trained him. They did a good job.

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3 thoughts on “Yay for Domino Day

  1. WELCOME DOMINO! You are so handsome! And a very lucky dog. Love from Holly, Doc, Abby, Shadow, Buddy, Diva, Calvin, Hobbes, Johnny, Abi, Keith, Hildie,Sly, Raider, Cash, Zona, Titan,Precious,Lacy,Tiger, Diego, Sophie,Izzy, Yogi, Rico, Duffy, Roxanne, and Gobi. AND the turkeys, deer, puppies and Mrs. Bee.

  2. Tanner,
    Domino is finally home! I know you have waited for this day for a long time! I am so happy for you! (and for Domino!)

    Love, Mrs. Franklin

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