We Need a Miracle

May 7, 2010

Today, Tanner woke up with a nasty cough… two days before our Disney trip… seriously.

I can’t tell you how this is affecting all of us. John and I are worried to distraction. It will be a serious blow if we even have to postpone this trip. I’ve called clinic to see if there is anything we can do, but feel pretty sure they’re going to say, “Wait and see.”

We’re going to watch movies and play wii and rest all day… maybe it will fade. Doesn’t sound like allergies, but maybe, just maybe… Anything, we’ll take anything. We’re desperate.

We went to clinic yesterday for counts and they were perfect for this stage – 1200. Of course, we would have preferred to go to Disney with the higher counts we had two weeks ago (2,100), but the doctors feel good about these counts. The higher dose of 6 MP obviously did it’s job.

We need a miracle. Please let whoever’s in charge of those know that you agree.


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