We Made It!!!!

May 10, 2010

Our drive went well and we arrived yesterday at 6pm in Give Kids the World Village, the resort just for Wish kids. It is truly a magic place. There are probably 50-75 wish kids here with their families and 8,000 volunteers work together with a small staff to make every moment special for these kids who have been through so much.

Just a few highlights:

• The present fairy comes every day and leaves gifts for the kids. Today we got a special Give Kids the World Village Candyland game.

• The characters from three theme parks come here so the kids get more undivided attention. This morning – Goofy, Pluto, Mary Poppins, and Mickey and Minnie.

• The Mayor of Give Kids the World Village is a large rabbit and he and his wife, Ms. Merry are here every night. Tanner rode the carousel with Ms. Merry two times tonight and is so smitten with her. We will call tomorrow to arrange for Ms. Merry to tuck Tanner and Jake into bed one night this week.

Tanner and her new friend, Ms. Merry

• There is a putt-putt golf course, splash park, train, playground, magic castle, theatre, etc., etc., etc. All right here at our beck and call.

• There is an activity every night. Last night, there was a Candyland party on the playground with a DJ and Tanner danced the night away while Jake played on the playground. We even played a giant game of Candyland. Tonight, there were therapy dogs to pet, a Kinkachu and an armadillo to see, a man with a telescope showing you the sun and a party that we didn’t attend because everyone was tired.

• All of our meals are free here and there is ice cream all day long. We had ice cream right after breakfast this morning!

• Tanner had her nails and makeup done at La Ti Da spa and she and Jake both got airbrush tattoos. Again, all done by volunteers.

• The list goes on an on, I can’t say enough about these amazing people and how fun it is here in the Village before we even get to a theme park.

We went to Sea World today and saw the Shamu show and rode some rides. Everyone had a great time. Tomorrow, we’re heading to Magic Kingdom tomorrow to see the Princesses, Lightening McQueen and Mickey Mouse.

So, here’s the only downer… Tanner is still coughing… and coughing… and coughing. It definitely seems worse and it took her a very long time last night and tonight to get to sleep because of the coughing. But still, no fever, which is what they told us to look for. So, we don’t know anything else to do but keep going… carefully. We are trying not to wear her out and forcing her to take naps to try to avoid worsening her immune system with fatigue. She has had a coughing virus before that she got over without incident, so we’re hoping that’s what it is. We’re going to Magic Kingdom tomorrow because we’re terrified we’re going to end up in the hospital and that’s the theme park we would most want to go to if tomorrow is our last day. So, pray for healing for her.

That’s about it. Good night!


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