Waiting for a Break

October 25, 2009 Tanner’s fever broke sometime late last night and she remained fever free most of the morning, raising my hopes that we might be done with the fevers. Unfortunately, I was wrong and she spiked another fever at lunchtime. But, I think we’re making progress. We went fever free for a while and the fevers seem to be responding well to the Tylenol again. In fact, I believe she is fever free right now while she sleeps, so we’ll hope that continues.

Doctors told us today that she also has a sinus infection and added Zithromycin to her growing list of antibiotics she is taking. They expect we’ll be here the rest of the week and we are praying we’ll get home in time for Halloween. It breaks my heart to think she might miss it. She’s been really excited about it and has her Addams Family Wednesday costume all ready.

John came to the hospital this afternoon so I could go home and see Jake for a little while. I got the best hug from him when I came home. He is having a ball with his grandmothers, but this is so hard on him, too. John and I just pass through briefly and he keeps asking me where Tanner is and when she is coming home.

Please pray for Madelyn, a 3-year-old little girl from Franklin who was diagnosed with ALL last night. They live within a mile or so from us. She is on our floor and we met her dad today briefly and offered our help. I know how helpful Lily’s Mom, Larisa, has been to me and how great it is to have someone who is a little ahead of you in treatment to talk with. I caught a glimpse of Madelyn’s Mom today trying to calm her screaming child. I recognized myself in the look on her face… terrified, overwhelmed, devastated. Diagnosis is such a hard time and I hope that we might be of some comfort to them once they get their heads above water.

I’m going to sleep dreaming of a feverless tomorrow. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.


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  1. Praying that Tanner is fever-free and stays that way. So very sorry to hear that Madelyn was diagnosed last night. Too too many children are having to deal with this.

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