Three Day Weekend

April 24, 2010

I woke this morning to John and the kids getting ready for an impromptu trip to cheer on the runners in the Country Music Marathon. We know some people who are running, many of them for Team in Training, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society fundraiser. They had a great time clapping and cheering (Jake really liked the clapping) and then went to cousin Mack’s for a visit.

I stayed home. I would like to say I got tons of stuff done, but I didn’t. I watched the news to see if the marathon would escape the severe storms headed our way and dabbled at the computer. I finally roused myself to go for a quick walk before the rain started when my neighbor’s dog jumped the fence to come with me. They weren’t home and every time I put the dog back in the fence, she jumped back out. By this time, the storm was coming, so I bagged the walk, put the dog in my garage and folded laundry instead.

It was just that kind of lazy day… lots of rain, wind and lightning. It’s beautiful to watch a storm at our new house. There’s a huge tree at the base of our yard that sways mightily in the wind and completely fills the wall of windows in our living room. The creek swells and makes little rapids. Once, we saw a rabbit “swimming” in it. Although, from the looks of it, it was not his intent to be swimming.

So, we lay around, played wii, watched movies, and took naps. Tanner needed the rest, even if she didn’t want it. She was up last night every four hours on the dot, asking for painkiller. The Vincristine was causing her right leg to hurt pretty badly and I actually had to help her to the bathroom. By this morning, she was a little better, and seemed fine by this evening.

Tomorrow, we’re looking forward to a visit from some old friends who are in town running the marathon. We haven’t seen them in many years and their kids will be unrecognizable. Should be fun.

Then, if Tanner can continue her two-day, tantrum-free streak through Sunday, we will go to the end of year Yummies (Young United Methodists) picnic at church.

Is this our new dog? I hope so!!!

Tanner has off school on Monday and we’re going to…. Prison!!!! A trip to meet our potential new dog, Domino. This news feels like a déjà vu, since I think I wrote this exact same thing about a different dog about 3 months ago, right before Tanner’s counts went on a roller coaster ride due to several viruses. A few chemo adjustments and an IgG (antibody) infusion later, we are ready for take 2 on the dog deal. This one feels really right. I had a dalmatian for 14 years whom I dearly loved. But, she was very high energy and I would never get one now that I have two kids, a husband, a house and much less time to wear a crazy dog out. But, this dalmatian is mixed with something mellow, so he might be just the guy for us. Cute and spotty, but much less hyper. I love it.

Tanner’s therapist gave us some really good tools for helping Tanner deal with her anger and anxiety that seem to be working. Also, I think we’re just learning, with Allison’s help, what makes her tick (and what makes her TOCK!). Hopefully, these will result in some lifetime self-soothing skills for her and some solid parenting skills for us. God Bless therapy. One of my cancer mom friends said she thinks they are buying Allison a new house with all this therapy. I think we’re securing her vacation home. But, so be it. Peace of mind is priceless.

Thanks to all who ran and braved the horrible weather at the Country Music Marathon for Team in Training today. There’s a cure for this wretched disease somewhere and, today, we got 26.2 miles closer.


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  3. Sounds wonderful…I am excited about your new edition to the family! He’s a cutie! Wasn’t your dogs name Lucy or something? I remember you with that dalmation! I love it! I am praying for a great week for all of you! Love and miss ya much….Jenny! 🙂

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