The Drama Queen

June 9, 2010

Jake and I picked Tanner up Monday afternoon from her first day of theater camp to find the most fired up 6-year-old you have ever seen. She was singing her newly learned songs to me before we even got into the car, glancing at her lyrics notebook to remind herself of the words. She was, in a word, aglow.

I told John that I night that I believe I had witnessed Tanner find her place in the world that day. All of her unbridled and emotional enthusiasm fit right into the world of song and dance, and I believe I will be driving her to play rehearsals for the next decade or so.

She is really proud of herself for getting a solo that she had to audition for and win from some other kids her age. She is singing “I hope I get it” from A Chorus Line. It is pretty hilarious to watch a very earnest, almost-seven-year-old sing, “I really need this job; I hope I get this job.”

She’s in camp all this week with a performance on Friday. She cannot wait for that performance. She keeps asking me how many days until Friday. It will be interesting to see if she gets stage fright.

Tomorrow, Jake, E. (John’s Mom) and I will pick her up from camp and head to the hospital for a counts check. They want to be sure the newly upped methotrexate dose isn’t making her counts drop more than they want it to. I’m terrified that her counts will have tanked and she won’t be able to do the show on Friday. It would be, to say the least, devastating. So, please pray, light candles, send up positive karma into the universe. She wants this so badly.

We’re also counting down the days to Domino, who is coming to his new forever home on June 23. We have his new bed all ready in the living room, filled with toys, chews, and a collar and leash. We’ve had so much fun getting ready for him to join the family. Cancer took our sweet border collie from us last year, and cancer kept us from getting a new dog for the nine months since then. But, now, we’re almost finished waiting to get back what cancer took, and we are giddy with excitement.

Good counts, good counts, good counts… there isn’t enough money in the world for the therapy she will need if she doesn’t get to sing and dance her little heart out on Friday.


3 thoughts on “The Drama Queen

  1. Sending a prayer that all the stars align perfectly for all of you this week.
    My fingers and toes are crossed also!

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