Tanner Update

Beyond all our understanding, Tanner’s current diagnosis is presumed to be leukemia.  All tests, lab work, clinical signs point to this diagnosis, although  a bone marrow test is necessary for a firm diagnosis.  We are beyond devastated, but know we must gather ourselves to face this horrible thing head on and conquer it.  Needless to say, we are in for a long, ugly haul.  We will be in the hospital for at least 2 weeks undergoing intensive chemo and then ongoing weekly visits to the hospital for many months and long-term chemo for years.  I can’t believe this even as I write it.

Normally, we wouldn’t send out an email like this without a firm diagnosis, but feel we need to prepare for the seeming inevitableness of incorporating this new challenge into our lives.  So, putting all pride aside, we are letting our dear friends know that we will be needing help.  My parents are coming tomorrow for an undetermined length of time to care for Jake.  We will need food (I can’t believe I am asking so shamelessly, but I know when I am beat), possibly help caring for Jake and, possibly someone to sit with Tanner at times.  And, of course, prayer.

Tanner doesn’t know yet… I can’t imagine telling her she will be missing all the things she loves to do so much.  I’ll have to table that thought until tomorrow.

Once again, we thank God for our unbelievable friends. 

Beth & John

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