Still Hanging in There

October 25, 2009 Tanner’s fevers continue, in fact, they seem to be defying the Tylenol now. Doctors are pretty convinced it’s viral since it’s not responding to antibiotics and her white counts have gone down since yesterday, an indication she is fighting something viral. Her hemoglobin was up a little bit, though and her neutraphils had made a big jump – from 190 to 450!!! Unfortunately, neutraphils fight bacterial infections, which Tanner apparently doesn’t have. So, we’re happy their going up, but they don’t help much in this situation.

She also seems to feel worse today. She was much more lively yesterday. So, I don’t really know where we are… I guess just more watching and waiting.

She and I sat and read all the comments about her new wig and hat today… it really made her smile. Thank you so much to everyone who has been so kind and had such good words of wisdom for her.

Tomorrow, we will get the remaining wispies shaved off of her head. The hospital has an approved hair shaver that, I guess, is extra careful about cutting heads. Hopefully, that will make her head less itchy.

Hopefully, the fever will break soon.


5 thoughts on “Still Hanging in There

  1. Beth,

    We will continue to pray for Tanner. Isabella wanted Tanner to know that she really liked the wig. In fact, she said it looks just like Tanner’s hair just a little longer. We will continue to send good thoughts your way.

    Amy Lowrance

  2. You’ve been heavy on my heart today … praying even more than usual for you all.

    And Tanner … I LOVE your wig. You are such a beautiful young lady!! We haven’t seen you in quite some time … Jake was a baby the last time we saw you … but we’re sure hoping we can all get together in the near future! Love, your cousins in Memphis

  3. Thank you so much for update. We are sending prayers your way and cannot wait to hear the fever has broken and her little system (and GIANT will) have triumphed again. You are all so amazing … we all relish the day when you aren’t so tested …

    Much love to each of the Pages –

  4. Gracie says “get-r-done” and she loves your new doo. Love the ballcap! Hang in there and we’ll keep praying!

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