So Sad

August 18, 2009 I wasn’t planning on posting today; it was an uneventful day for the most part and I didn’t really have much to say. But, then just moments ago, as I was idly surfing the net, I wondered whether the Tanner Time blog would show up if you googled Tanner’s name. It does, which is cool, but beneath it was another blog listed for another Tanner Page.

I opened the blog to find that a beautiful little 7-year-old boy named Tanner Page had passed away just this past January from brain cancer. His family has the most beautiful site in his honor. They write messages to him on the blog, even now, to tell him how much they miss him, to ask him to watch over his mother and father, to let him know they see him in a sunset, a wave on the beach or a butterfly at the window. It is heartbreaking and I cannot stop crying.

Tanner is not the most common name and it seems so strange that they are basically they same age and both with cancer. This is a bizarre world.

I sent his parents a message; I didn’t really know what to say except that maybe a little part of their Tanner could live on in ours. Perhaps it will bring some small comfort in the midst of what must be an unimaginable sadness.

Yes, this is a bizarre world.


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  1. I’m staying in touch with the blogs, but that is just a beginning. You are in
    my thoughts and prayers all day long, and I don’t call because I know that
    you are busy. This just seemed like a good time to say I love you all, and want you to know how heavy my heart is at times. I feel the joys and the sadness that comes across in the blogs. I know that we are all together in spirit, and that is an awesome connection.
    The Oregon group left yesterday so we have our house back – Puppy is so glad! We love you all! E.

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