Sleep… Blessed Sleep

I find that the less I sleep, the more I realize how underrated it is. By yesterday afternoon, it had become my number one priority. Ironically, Tanner, who was awake with me until 1 am the night before, and had a virus to boot, didn’t seem tired at all. But, last night, for the first time in nearly a month, the whole family slept, peacefully and relatively uninterrupted for a good 10 hours or more. Tanner woke up to go to the bathroom twice, but didn’t eat at all or ask for any painkiller… both miracles and evidence that the steroids are leaving for real.

We see lots of evidence of the steroids’ retreat: a return of our happy, laughing little girl; less stomach aches, more sleeping and less eating. All wonderful things. We are so thankful. It is one thing to have someone tell you you’re little girl will come back to you after the steroids wear off, it is another thing to believe it. I’m glad it turned out to be true.

She laughed hysterically most of yesterday afternoon (maybe she was delirious), which was really good to hear. She made “driver’s licenses” for she and Jake out of business cards this morning and kept asking us to check them. Gladly. Can’t remember the last time she pretended anything.

Even the swelling seems to be going down in her face and stomach, which makes her a little more recognizable as Tanner.

Sadly, she realized last night that she will not be able to go to the Franklin 4th parade today. It’s been a tradition for us to decorate bikes with our neighbors and ride in the parade. She was crushed. We talked for a while about how long it would be until she could be among people again and she figured out that she wouldn’t be going to school in the fall. Again… crushed. She doesn’t want to go in halfway as the “new kid” and is afraid kids will make fun of her and call her names. We talked about it and decided that she would know many of the kids in her class from last year and that we would do all we could to be involved throughout the year so she wouldn’t feel like a “new kid.” She felt a little better and then had the idea that our friends could take pictures of the parade and she could look at them tonight. We saw our friends this morning and Tanner happily yelled to them to take pictures. Amazing. We are going to their house for a cookout tonight and fireworks, if we can take an afternoon nap so we can stay awake.

Special thanks to our friends the Whitlers who created and host this blog for me, and who brought us the most delicious dinner last night. Celia has written a song for Tanner and they sat on the couch and made some changes to it yesterday. Tanner laughed a lot and seemed pleased to have a song written about her. Celia is going to put a melody to the song and come sing it for Tanner. Truly priceless.

Speaking of singing, Tanner’s favorite kid’s singer, Roger Day, is going to do a private concert at our house soon. So excited. We have every CD he ever made and it is so kind of him to do this for her.

So, for all the things we can’t do, there are other really special things to take their place. And, as my Aunt Debbie once told me about something totally different, “It is a season of your life.” It applies here as well. In 6-9 months, we’ll be in maintenance, and although it will be no picnic, we should be able to have a more normal life. And, by then, my almost 6 year old will have taught me how to accept the things that life hands you with grace and a smile.

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  1. This is AWESOME! All of it! How blessed and THANKFUL we all are to have
    such a precious family with wonderful friends who can make lemonade out of lemons! Love you All SO MUCH!!!

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