December 30, 2009

We’re resting. Trying to sleep and be still enough to get over the hump of this virus barrage. All of us have felt sick at one point or another. A good night’s sleep seems to have cured me, but I feel one sleepless night away from a nasty cold. Tanner has stayed fever free, but seems to feel bad sporadically. She has spent about 6 hours a day for the past few days in bed watching TV by herself… a sure sign she doesn’t feel up to snuff. She complains of a headache and nausea and just generally not feeling well.

The difficulty in our situation is discerning which symptoms belong to an illness and which belong to the chemo. Especially now that we are adjusting to a new phase of treatment. I remember cancer moms telling me that their kids were very fatigued during the beginning of long term maintenance, so who knows.

Tomorrow is clinic day. It marks the beginning of the second month of long term maintenance. Tanner will get Vincristine through her port and will start a five-day pulse of steroids. It’s so frustrating that the first day I would expect her to start feeling better from this virus is the day she will start the steroids that make her feel so bad.

Renovation work is starting on our new house, which gives John and I something else to think about. It’s nice to have a distraction, but I really need to get moving with this packing stuff!


2 thoughts on “Resting

  1. If you need any help packing, Keith said he’d be happy to help. Seriously, if you need help packing Keith and I are only a phone call away.

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