One Down, One to Go

August 9, 2010

A little IV pole never stopped anyone from playing legos

All finished with the IVig transfusion. It didn’t take as long as we expected. Apparently, the first time they give the infusion, they have to do it slowly in case the child has a reaction. But, the next time, they can infuse faster since they know she didn’t have a reaction last time. So, it was a shorter visit than we expected, which was a great surprise.

Still, we were there for about three hours, but actually had a pretty good time. The kids were so into playing legos that they didn’t want to leave. They also had a good time with Guy Gilchrist, the man who draws the Nancy cartoon from the newspaper. He was at clinic teaching kids to draw. He also drew the Muppets cartoon for years and taught Tanner to draw Kermit. He was funny and entertaining and helped pass the time.

Tomorrow is Tanner’s last day of summer vacation. Wednesday, she goes to clinic and Thursday is the first day of school. We’re going to see a movie in the morning, registering for school in the afternoon and then, hopefully, swimming with friends.

Wednesday morning is the dreaded lumbar puncture. Tanner is very worried about it. We’re going to give her ativan in the morning, an anti-anxiety medication, and hope that helps her get through it with the minimum amount of trauma. Please pray for her. It’s wrong for a child to have to worry so much about something.


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