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In the words of Tanner’s doctor she is now among the “lowest risk” of all leukemias. The results of the detailed bone marrow study from yesterday confirm that there is no leukemia left in Tanner’s bone marrow. TAKE THAT CANCER!!! This isn’t some cupcake you’re dealing with here… this is Tanner Page. I mean, have you ever seen this child throw a tantrum? If you had, you would have never chosen her as an incubator for your vile, evil lazy leukemia cells. You would have recognized that you have met your match! Just move on, give up and DON’T BOTHER TO COME BACK!!! This is how we roll at the Page house and you are NOT up to it… I promise!

So many things to be thankful for this week. Our last day of steroids for a while, the end of the first phase of treatment, Induction, and now this. Just two days with no steroids and I can already see a difference in Tanner. She is still eating like a maniac, but she was definitely more lively and sassy today and her stomach pain seems to be lessening. Hoping she sleeps better tonight.

Thanks to all our friends who came by today, we had a great day. Tanner had visits from Gracie, Leah and Zach and Grandmom came today, too. Big day with lots of fun. Thanks to Leah for teaching Tanner how to “finger weave.” She sat on the sofa all afternoon weaving a very long rope. It made me happy to see her sitting up for that long instead of lying down.

Tonight as we were going to bed, I tried to tell Tanner how proud I am of her. I just hope it sinks in because usually she looks like she’s just embarrassed when I say stuff like that. I tried to explain “grace” to her, which is very difficult, I found out, to explain in terms that a five-year-old can understand. I finally resorted to referencing a Disney movie “Princess Protection Program” to explain the concept. I think she understood. I told her that I was particularly impressed by how she was handling losing her hair, which has been falling out for the last week or so. She looked shocked and said, “My hair isn’t falling out!” Oh no, I thought, she’s in denial now. Then, she exploded into peals of laughter and shrieked, “I’m going to glue it back on! No, I’ll finger weave it to my head!!!” We laughed hysterically and I reminded myself how lucky I am to have gotten such a kid. I’m glad to see her sense of humor returning to her. Goodbye steroids… for now.

Thanks again for everything people are doing for us. We are humbled every day by the outpouring of support our child has inspired. She is awesome and we know it, but to see many others recognize it and lift her up and help carry her through this awful mess is so touching. We are blessed by those who love our daughter and care about her plight in this way. All we can do to repay this kindness is to pay it forward. To hope that our story will help inspire people to demand that no other family ever have to live through this again. To donate, to give time and energy and to raise awareness for childhood cancer.


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  1. We are so proud of Tanner and are lifting her and your entire family up in prayer. I read your blog entries and think “You Go, Girls!!”

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