In the Hospital

October 4, 2009
As we feared, Tanner woke this morning with a fever and her cough had worsened. We didn’t wait for her appointment for the Peg Shots, but took her right in instead. I also woke this morning worse for wear, so John took her since I can’t expose the kids on that unit to my germs.

They found the beginning stages of pneumonia, so they are keeping her at least overnight and giving her IV antibiotics to help her recover. She escaped the Peg shots today… they haven’t said when they will give them, but we did learn that the Atavan works wonders for her anxiety. We gave it to her not knowing if they would give her the shots or not. They were going to give them to her initially, and even went so far as to put numbing cream on her legs and she handled it with great humor. But, once her oxygen level started dropping due to the pneumonia, they decided not to give them today. Thank God. All she needs is to be nauseated and throwing up on top of this illness.

I went to the doctor, too, and have bronchitis, so I cannot go to the hospital tonight. It is killing me not to be there.

John’s Mom is coming in the morning to help, so we’re all good. It will just be Jakey and me tonight.

I’ll keep you posted if we find out anything else.


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  1. I was forwarded to your site by a friend of mine thru facebook, Nancy Hill- we’ve been praying for her daughter since before she was born- thought I’d check it out. I didn’t realize that you all were one of the families that we blew up balloons for on Saturday. I walked in memory of my dad this year – but I look forward to walking both for him and as a supporter of you next year! Best wishes for a speedy recovery from this bump in the road.

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