In the Hospital…again

Tanner’s counts today were so low at clinic today (neutraphils at 190 which essentially means she has no immune system at all) and she is still coughing and has a runny nose, so they decided to admit her. Since then, she has also spiked a fever, which they said was inevitable with the low counts. We’ve just had a chest and abdominal xray to check for pneumonia and try to figure out why she hasn’t pooped in 4 days (ouch!) She’s also not peeing this today, which is even more abnormal considering one of the unexplained side effects of the chemo has been peeing every 15 minutes. They’re hoping she’s just dehydrated. She’s getting fluids and IV antibiotics and waiting for a room.

The doc just came in and said she tested negative for both flus, which is good, and that her chest xray was clear, thank God. Her abdominal scan showed minimal blockage in her intestines so they’re not sure why she’s so constipated. They’re testing for a comprehensive list of viruses and bacterias, so they may eventually figure out what she has, but either way, she’ll need to stay here until she levels out and maybe her counts go up some.

My Mom is on her way, so we’re good. I’ll update later today when I get a chance.


2 thoughts on “In the Hospital…again

  1. I am a faithful reader of Tanner Time….usually check for a new post every night before I go to bed, but I happened to see this one come across now.

    I will be hoping this is a short, uncomplicated stay that just lets Tanner rest and recuperate a bit!!

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