I Come Home, Tanner Goes to the Hospital

November 17, 2010

As I was on my knees fastidiously de-radiating my friend, Kim’s house so I could go home to my family, John and Tanner were on their way to the hospital with a fever. The cough she had been fighting all week finally peaked and she was up to 102 degrees. John was able to skip the ER and go straight to clinic (much faster). Fortunately, her fever came down and her counts were high enough that they were able to come home after an IV round of Rocefin (a broad-range antibiotic).

She took a big nap yesterday afternoon, but was feeling fine by bedtime, despite some coughing during the night. We kept her home from school today, but we all went in for her Thanksgiving play and Thanksgiving lunch (I didn’t stay for lunch as I am still not clear to use regular non-throwaway utensils). The play was cute and she is feeling fine. I think she will be able to return to school tomorrow.

The bumped up chemo has done it’s job. Her neutraphils were at 1,150, which is about perfect for maintenance. Her hemoglobin and platelets, however, are holding strong, which is all great. Hopefully, they won’t drop any more and she can just stay at this perfect spot.

While she and John were at the hospital, they met some Titans – Mark Mariani (L) and Robert Johnson (R) – who were visiting kids in the infusion room. Tanner looks like a little sapling between two mighty oaks, huh?

I’m feeling just fine… a little tiny bit fatigued, but otherwise back to my normal self. I can be around the kids, but can’t touch them much. No more than 30 minutes of contact a day until the day after Thanksgiving. I get quick hugs to try to sustain me.

John’s Mom is on duty and has been a great help. She’ll get Jake to school tomorrow while I go into Vanderbilt for my body scan. This should tell us whether the cancer had spread anywhere beyond the thyroid. I have to lie still for an hour-and-a-half. Let’s hope I can listen to an ipod… otherwise it’s going to be a very long scan. Maybe I’ll nod off…

Speaking of nodding off…


1 thought on “I Come Home, Tanner Goes to the Hospital

  1. Dear Beth, John, Tanner, and Jake,

    You really don’t know me…well, John does, but the rest of you likely don’t have a clue who I am, and honestly, who I am is absolutely not important. Here is what’s important: I am running in the St Jude Half Marathon (13.1 miles–no way I’m running 26.2 miles–even to stomp out leukemia), which is in December in Memphis. I have done it before, but this year, I am running in honor of three sweet little girls, plus my daddy, my uncle, and countless others who battle or have battled this hideous and vile disease of cancer (Beth–this includes you!!). In my pocket I will carry photographs, and when my legs ache, my chest heaves, and my cheeks go numb from the cold, I will remember that this is NOTHING compared to what you and my loved ones have endured. Please know that you are my inspiration, and your faces (plus those of the other two little girls I know who are Xena, warrior princesses against leukemia) go before me as I run…through the streets of Memphis, through the campus of St Jude, where I will be greeted by the real heroes–children just like Tanner, Peyton, and Sidney–who fight the good fight every single day of their precious young lives. Hang in there, all of you, and know that you remain in my prayers.
    Love because of Who loved us,
    Susan Williams
    Murray KY

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