HUGE Day!!!

May 12, 2010

Wow! Three little letters to cover such a big, big day! We started with pony rides and complementary cowboy hats and ended with dancing, swimming and a magic show by the Village pool and splash park.

The day started kind of shaky. We went to pony rides and then Tanner said she had to go to the bathroom and threw up while we were in there. I was sure she was developing some kind of stomach virus and that our trip was officially over, but we headed back to the Villa to wait it out and see how she did. It’s not unheard of for Tanner to be sick from chemo and the concoction of other drugs she takes, but it’s not common either. Fortunately, that seemed to be the case, and 45 minutes later, we were on our way to Disney Hollywood.

Awesome stunt from the car and motorcycle show

We met up with Meredith and her parents, Bo and Sara, at Disney Hollywood and had a ball. Jake was in heaven. First, we got to meet some Power Rangers, then the kids got their faces painted and Jake looked like Flash Gordon, then we saw the car and motorcycle stunt show! Race cars, motorcycles and fire!!! Woo hoo! Every boy’s dream.

... and Jake's reaction to the awesome car stunt!!!

Tanner and Meredith had a ball, too. They got to see a High School Musical show and were chosen to dance with the dancers in the parade.

Beauties and the Beast

Again, we were treated like royalty. The fun thing today, though, was that Jake thought it was him that was getting us in to all the rides and shows first. One worker made a mistake and directed all her attention to him instead of Tanner and we all let him have his shining moment. He has also started showing his Wish Button at the entrance gate to the Village and saying, “I got you guys in!” with a huge grin on his little face. In reality, Tanner has the special Wish button that gets us everything, but we’re all wearing smaller wish buttons and we all have special stickers for the Disney Parks that let the workers know we’re with a Wish Kid. It’s amazing how kind they all are. They even let Meredith and her family come to the front of the line with us.

Tanner is feeling better today and coughing much less. I think we’re coming to the end of the virus, so maybe John and I will be able to relax and enjoy ourselves a little more. It’s been pretty unnerving to figure out how far to let her go and how much rest to force. Every time she would have a big coughing spasm, we would give each other a knowing look… the one that says, “This could be bad.”

Tanner and Meredith busting a move in the parade

Spending the day with Meredith let me know how much less stamina Tanner has than a normal kid. There was a parade at Disney Hollywood this afternoon and John and Bo went to get food for us all while the kids and Sara and I claimed a spot to watch the parade. It was hot sitting on the sidewalk and by the time the food came, no one really wanted it too much. When the parade ended, Tanner came to me crying and said she wanted to go home. We carried her (and Jake, who had not had a nap) back to the car. I think the heat really affected her, because after a rest and some food in the cool air conditioning in the Villa, she was ready to go again. But, Meredith and her family stayed at the park, I assume for hours.

We ended the day with a swim in the awesome pool and splash park at the Village. We ate dinner by the pool and then there was a pool party. Sponge Bob was there and Tanner danced and danced, while Jake swam and swam. We came home tired and ready for a good night’s rest.

We’re off to Universal Studios tomorrow. Home of Spiderman (need I say more?), Dr. Seuss and Shrek. Lots of shows and rides. Tomorrow night is Winter Wonderland at the Village… Santa Claus!!!


5 thoughts on “HUGE Day!!!

  1. I have been reading about Tanner for a long time now. I have a 7 yr old girl , so Tanner has grown close to my heart. I just had to say how awesome your trip looks. How gorgeous Tanner looks in her cowboy hat !

    It also does my heart happy to see how great Make a Wish Foundation is (one of the charities I support) to see that smile on Tanner’s face is so worth it.

    You are all in my prayers ! Have Fun! 🙂

  2. Sweet, sweet Jake! Sweet, sweet Tanner. Jake’s face in the “Beauties and the Beast” picture made us laugh out loud. I’ve seen that face many times. I can’t wait to hear about Jake’s day with Spiderman. We are so glad that Tanner is able to enjoy her trip so much! Love y’all.

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