Hospital Update

October 22, 2009 I’m writing from home; John and I did the hospital switch-off this afternoon so he is staying with Tanner tonight. Right before I left, after having been fever free since early this morning, she spiked another fever, this time 102, which is actually higher than it has been. Ugh. Tylenol brings it down, but it’s there and that’s not good.

She has to be fever free for 24 hours before she can come home. Her neutraphil levels also have to be on the upswing and the bacteria cultures also need to come back negative (we get those results back tomorrow). Her neutraphils were only up 30 over yesterday’s 190, a negligible increase which the doctor said did not “impress” her. So, looks like we may be there a little while. Again, I’d rather have her there right now; makes me feel better. I don’t like the fact that the fever keeps coming back despite the antibiotics she’s on.

On the bright side, she is coming out of the steroid funk nicely. It’s good to see her silly personality again.

Thanks for the good thoughts and prayers. We feel them and they carry us through days like these.


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