Hospital Update

Tanner showing off her dinosaur oxygen mask!!  She's smiling under there.

Tanner showing off her dinosaur oxygen mask!! She's smiling under there.

October 6, 2009 Tanner is feeling much better and will likely get to go home tomorrow. They were going to send her home today, but apparently needed to adjust one of the antibiotics they are giving her to make sure she is getting enough to be effective. They give that particular antibiotic by weight then measure it in the blood. Tanner’s body processes it quickly and she didn’t have enough in her bloodstream to be effective. So, one more day. Doctors say her lungs sound better and she has no fever.

She misses her Mommy, though. It is excrutiating for her to be there and not be able to be holding her hand or kissing her little face. Kids want their mommies when they are sick, and it is killing me to be stuck here, sick myself. John is awesome though and she had a visit today from the children’s minister at our church. I hate that he is having to handle this totally by himself… I feel useless.

They will do the dreaded Peg shots this afternoon. Hope they are quick and that the Ativan helps her handle them more easily.


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  1. I know you want to be there – but you need this time for your body to heal also! Hang in there and take care of yourself so when Tanner gets home tomorrow you will be feeling better too and ready for all that her feeling better brings!

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