Happy Halloween!

Tanner as Wednesday Addams

Tanner as Wednesday Addams

October 31, 2009 Did you hear about the parents who let their child go trick-or-treating on a cold night after just getting out of the hospital for a nine-day stay for pneumonia?!!! Oh, and she has leukemia, too!

It sounds so bad on paper, but it was really fun. If there is one thing I have learned from this whole experience it’s that you have to grab your moments when they present themselves for you never know when they will be taken from you. Apparently children know this piece of wisdom without being taught. Tanner seized the moment, for sure, tonight.

Tanner and John got home from the hospital today around 1:30 with chick-fil-a for everyone. We ate, Tanner’s stomach started to hurt from one of the antibiotics she is on, John and I spent 20 minutes trying to be sure we were administering her IV antibiotic correctly and she promptly fell asleep for several hours. That’s when the adults decided that caution would be prudent. That she might just be too tired to go out for Halloween tonight. That maybe we should do it the next night with a good night’s rest under our belt and one more day for her to recover. So, John runs all around the neighborhood asking the neighbors to save some candy for trick-or-treat on Sunday night. People were so sweet and willing to help.

Then, Tanner wakes up. No way was she trick-or-treating the night after Halloween! We warned her that the doctor said she had to wear a mask… that did not dissuade her at all. So we hustled up, ate some dinner, hurried into our costumes and met Tanner’s friend Olivia and her Mom, Jennifer, for some power trick-or-treating.

Jake, Olivia and Tanner

Jake, Olivia and Tanner

We brought the wagon because we didn’t think she would last long. She’s been in bed for 2 weeks, after all. But, as always, she surprised us with her determination. She probably made it to 15 or 20 houses before climbing the steps became too much for her and she started just stopping on the sidewalk and letting me go to the door to collect her candy. She eventually got into the wagon with a blanket around her and rode the rest of the way in great spirits.

I can just hear myself trying to explain our parenting skills to the doctors when she shows up with pneumonia again from being out in the cold (just kidding, they told us she could go). But, it was one of those moments where I realize that the stubbornness in her that has long driven me crazy as a parent is starting to serve her well. What had been just strong-willed obstinence as a toddler and preschooler is morphing into tenacity and perseverance as a kid. I was so proud of her.

IMG_1245She and Jake and Olivia had a ball. They looked so cute and got a LOT of candy. When we got home, Tanner said it had been one of her favorite Halloweens. She said, “This was a great night.”

I guess having so many things taken from you makes you really appreciate the things you get… or, in Tanner’s case, the things you reach out and grab with sheer determination and grit.

Happy Halloween!

P.S. If you see Jake, do NOT tell him he was a cute fireman. He was Billy Blaze from the Rescue Heroes, thank you very much!

5 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. I’m SO glad you got to go trick or treating, Tanner! You looked AWESOME as Wednesday Addams! Jake looked very brave as Billy Blaze, too. It looks like you had a lot of fun. xoxox

  2. Welcome Home, Tanner!! We liked the Halloween pictures and your Wednesday Addams costume. Most of us dogs were banished to a bedroom for the night because we bark at the doorbell rings. Most of us cats HID, thank you very much. Love, your animal buddies.

  3. Yay! So glad you had a great Halloween, Tanner. My little girl, Lyla, was saving some of her candy for you because we didn’t think you would be able to go trick or treating. So glad you had a great time and got your own stash!! You were a TERRIFIC Wednesday Addams!!

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