Great News!!!

I just received a text message from Tanner’s dad that she is home!!!! She is much happier there. Until further notice that are not accepting visitors. She needs to rest and since her white blood cells are the primary target of the chemo, her immune system is being weakened. Great news indeed!

6 thoughts on “Great News!!!

  1. Everybody sleeps better in their own bed. So happy that all of you will be in your own beds tonight! We will keep praying!

  2. Hurray! Hurray! I told Conor that she might be going home today, and he said “that’s great.” We continue to pray. The Kimbros

  3. HOW FANTASTIC is that? Not only for Tanner but for Beth & John AND little Jake as well – really a THANK GOD moment!

  4. Tanner,
    Can you please come to my house when you feel better.
    We are so happy Tanner is home!

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