Going Home?

Unbelievably, we may be going home Saturday!!! Hurray! She is doing so well they see no reason to keep her. We will have to return Tuesday for a spinal tap and chemo injection into the spinal fluid, a bone marrow biopsy and her IV chemo (sounds like a day of fun, huh), but we can be at home until then. This will be so good for all of us. Tanner is a social butterfly, as you know, and does not do well in the hospital. She is depressed and the steroids are exacerbating that so she is insufferable right now. Getting home, being around Jake-the-miracle-cure, and not being hooked to that annoying IV pole will do wonders for her. So, please don’t send any gifts to the hospital — we probably won’t be there. And, please let us figure out what she is going to be capable of before you come visit. Call first, because she may not be able to see anyone. We’ll get some guidelines at the hospital tomorrow and just see how she adjusts.

I can’t wait to get her home and for us all not to be living in that “sick” environment, and to be able to see Jake — he’s been such a trooper being transferred from friend to Grandmother to other Grandmother.

Keep your fingers crossed nothing changes to keep us from going home.


2 thoughts on “Going Home?

  1. Sweet Beth,

    We are so glad you got to bring that baby girl home! That has to be easier on everyone. The news I received from Linda today seems very positive – Tanner is responding so well. Just know that many prayers are being offered on your behalf.

    Get as much rest as possible and know you are loved. Debbie

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