Dr.’s appointment for Jake and Tanner today

Dr.’s appointment for Jake and Tanner today. Jake’s leg has suddenly started hurting. A year or so ago, he had the same thing happen which scared us to death because Tanner’s leukemia started with leg and back pain. It turned out to be toxic synovitis, which sounds worse than it is. It’s a virus that causes extra synovial fluid to build up in the hip and is treated with several weeks of ibuprofen. I think it’s back again. Tanner has oncology clinic today, which I was feeling really good about until I woke this morning to a Facebook post about the death of a beautiful 18-year-old that we met at a Churchill Mortgage picnic that doubled as a fundraiser for the Leukemia Society. This girl was flat out gorgeous, in remission and had a life about her that drew you to her. Since then, unbeknownest to me, she relapsed, had a bone marrow transplant and died. Leukemia is so cruel and unpredictable. I think lately I have been lulled by Tanner’s health into thinking this couldn’t happen to her. That the leukemia is gone for good. But, this girl was SO vibrant and beautiful… and it got her anyway. My heart is heavy and sad for her family today and terrified for mine.

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