Counts Update

February 7, 2010

Just a quick update on our counts check today… Tanner’s neutraphils had climbed to 230, up 100 from Monday. Not as much of a jump as we had hoped, but at least headed in the right direction. The doctor wants us back next Thursday and told us to keep her off of her oral chemo until then. Tanner should definitely feel good with this break from chemo even if her immune system sucks. So, more isolation, which stinks.

Thanks for all the prayers… they worked. Now, is it greedy to ask for her counts to go up more quickly?


2 thoughts on “Counts Update

  1. Hi Tanner,

    Great news – remember, “inch by inch, life’s a cinch”!!! We keep pulling for you! Give your dad a big hug for all of us – he won a special award today at work the “President’s Choice Award”. We’re all very proud of him!!

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