Clinic Day #55 — Goodbye Dr. Mixon, Hello Carie

June 15, 2011

Today was our last day to see Dr. Mixon at clinic. Before we left the house, Tanner wrote him a little note that said, “I love you Dr. Mixon and I will miss you.” Then, she taped a squinkie to it and gave it to him with a big hug. He’s been such a big part of this journey for us that it was hard saying goodbye.

Jake, Tanner and Ali, petting Eli

BUT, we did have a great surprise! After having a little reunion in the lobby with Lily and Ali and parents, we found out that nurse Carie was working in the clinic today. Tanner was so happy! We got to catch up with her and show her pictures of Tanner as Sleeping Beauty. We also got to see Eli the three-legged dog. It was a great clinic day made even better with the knowledge that we have only one more of these clinic days and then we are done with them!

Tanner’s counts were good – too good, really. Her ANC was 2,600 so they raised her chemo a little bit, but not much. We’re short-timers after all.

This afternoon, we went to Sweet CeCe’s to say goodbye to a little girl that’s been in Tanner’s class the past two years and is moving tomorrow. She ended up coming home with us to spend the night – both Tanner’s and Stella Claire’s first sleepover. I’m writing this from Tanner’s room right now. They wouldn’t stop giggling and talking and it’s 10:30 so I’m trying to get them to sleep. Of course, I think Stella is asleep, but the kid who had chemo today is wide awake. Go figure.

Tanner finished theatre camp last week with a great show on Friday and found out today that she got the part she wanted in Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat – she is one of the narrators. Jake’s still playing baseball and loving it and we have vacation bible school next week. It feels like summer and without the pressure of school, all of Tanner’s anxiety issues feel like a distant memory. We’re headed to the smoky mountains for a family vacation in a few weeks and just plan on having a relaxed and fun July before school starts again in early August and Tanner finishes her chemo on August 6. We’re in the homestretch and I can feel it. It finally feels real and reachable.


3 thoughts on “Clinic Day #55 — Goodbye Dr. Mixon, Hello Carie

  1. August 6th will be here before you know it. That is so exciting to be so close to the end of treatment. Tanner looked wonderful at clinic today. I know you’re so pleased with how well she is doing.

  2. Before you know it, your family memories will be calibrated only by things like holidays and lost tooths and birthdays ending in zeros. “Clinic Days” and “counts” will become a bizarre blurr in the background … God bless you guys!!!

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