Clinic Day #39 — Just a Counts Check

August 25, 2010

Jake and I picked up Tanner early from school today so we could go to clinic for a counts check. We loaded her in the car, slapped some EMLA (numbing cream) on her port, and headed to Sonic for some ice cream and to give the EMLA time to do it’s job.

Her counts were still very high, as we expected they would be. They were 4,700. They’ve upped her 6MP and methotrexate dosage to nearly 75% and we’ll see what happens in two more weeks.

Clinic was very quiet, so the kids spread out with legos and Barbies while we waited. We played a new paper electric guitar with Sara, the childlife specialist, danced in infusion room and generally got a little crazy. It is amazing how like family these people who care for your child will become. It is actually possible to have fun while we are there for such serious business. I had to promise Jake we would come back soon so we could leave.

Believe it or not, we are already past the half-way mark to our goal of $10,000 for Tanner’s Light the Night team… you have no idea how we are humbled by this outpouring of support for our family.


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  1. Hey Ya’ll….I feel like i have missed so much. We have been completely changing software and computers at work so my time on line has been extremely limited. I’ve been keeping up with all the happenings through Deb. I just wanted to send you a quick….hellooooo and i love you! I read the post about your fundraising team! Count us in…i will go to the link and do it today! You are in our thoughts and prayers everyday! I hope ya’ll have a great day and a nice labor day weekend! 🙂 love you…Jenny

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