Clinic Day #34 — By the Hair of Our Chinny, Chin, Chin

June 10, 2010

As we feared, counts today were not good. Her neutraphils were at 650, which is, of course, neutrapenic. The methotrexate that made her so sick last week was doing it’s job a little too well, apparently. Tanner could tell by the look on my face when I was talking with the doctor that things were not good and began to cry saying, “Can I go? Can I go? Please, please… I have to go.” Mercifully, the doctor felt there was little additional risk in letting her do the show tomorrow since she has been with these kids all week and it’s summer time when all the respiratory stuff isn’t floating around. Thank you, God.

So, as nerve wracking as it will be for John and I to let her go with such low counts, the show must go on. Then, we will hunker down until next week and see what happens with her counts. They adjusted all her oral chemo back to 50% and we will start the process of bumping her up towards 100% all over again once her counts recover. Her red counts were fine, hence all the energy.

She was really tired this afternoon, but had trouble going to sleep – I think she’s just so excited. We’ll take lots of photos and video and post them tomorrow so you can see the star in action.

I jammed my big toe today in a stumble not worth discussing and have a swollen and painful foot that has put a little hitch in my getalong. Suffice it to say, we will be a laid back group this weekend.

Thank God for the Whitler’s pool, which will be a safe place for us to spend some time next week. Tanner actually has a full clinic visit next Thursday, even though it’s been only three weeks since the last one, because we got off schedule due to the end of school. They don’t hold Vincristine for low counts (it doesn’t really lower counts), so she’ll have that and start her steroids. Steroids, although they sometimes raise counts, actually compromise the immune system, so it may not be a very good couple of weeks ahead. We may be missing Vacation Bible School.

But, we are soooooooo grateful she will get to perform tomorrow. That’s the main thing. Thanks for all the good thoughts and prayers. They worked.


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