Clinic Day #30… A Sigh of Relief

March 23, 2010

Every parent of a child with leukemia lives and dies by blood counts. We wait, tensely, for counts to come back after blood draw. We search the doctor’s face for a sign that counts are good or bad. Will they mean freedom or isolation? Will they mean a blood transfusion? Will they show something worse, something unimaginable?

Today, Tanner’s counts were perfect… in leukemia world, that is. Her neutraphils (big infection fighting white cells) were at 1300 (they want her between 1000 and 1500). Her hemoglobin was 11.2, which means that, for the first time in a long time, Tanner is not anemic.

Dr. Mixan and I agreed that she is probably suffering from allergies, not a cold. So, with no further ado, she got her chemo and I took her to school for the rest of the afternoon. Then, she had a playdate with some friends at our house.

She’ll go to school again tomorrow in the early morning, but I’ll take her out for an hour or so to go see the play therapist. I asked Tanner if she thought she needed to go see Allison and she said, “Yes, Mom.” There have been a lot of adjustments lately with the house and starting school. They are good things, but they are new nevertheless, and probably a little overwhelming at times. A playdate with Ms. Allison is the best medicine for Tanner’s anxiety.

Please continue to pray for Samantha Abbott – the cutest little girl who just went through a bone marrow transplant and has battled kidney failure successfully only to come down with a very serious blood infection. The medication to cure this infection is very hard on the kidneys, so it has presented a dilemma for the doctors.

Every time I think we have it bad, there is always someone who has it worse.


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