Clinic Day #20

November 6, 2009 IMG_1255 As always, there is a good and a bad… the good is that Tanner really only felt bad for a portion of today and that was really due to the intense hydration process, combined with no food because of the surgery, which dropped her blood sugar for a while. The chemo didn’t really seem to bother her. Some chemos are that way – the effect is more cumulative or it is delayed – others are instant and she’s sick in the chair. So, that was a more than pleasant surprise.

The bad news (why is there always bad news, too?) is that the day was even longer than we anticipated. We had thought we would be home by about 4 pm, but due to some issues with surgery scheduling, we got off track and ended up staying until nearly 6 pm after having arrived at 8 am. We were the only people left in the clinic with one nurse.

But, overall, I’ll take the long day over Tanner feeling bad from the chemo any day. We watched several movies, played computer games, googled funny animal photos, watched Disney Channel and colored a little.

It’s over and I’m glad.


5 thoughts on “Clinic Day #20

  1. Good to know it wasn’t ALL bad! Thanks for the report – I was so anxious to hear. Tanner, you make your E. proud. I know it’s not easy, but getting through it is one more step of the way. I love you, E.

  2. Tanner,
    Congratulations on your last day of DI!!!! I am so impressed with how brave you have been throughout the last six months. I have learned a lot from you and hope that as an adult I can handle my bad days half as well as you have handled the last six months. You are a hero to me. Thanks for the gift of getting to know you. Tell your mom I said that it is OK for you to come with us on one of our girl’s outings! Many, many hugs and love! Pat S.

  3. Hello, Tanner.
    Mrs. O’Hara has been telling us all about you! I’m Mrs. Smith. I’m the reading teacher for the students in second, third, and fourth grades. Mrs. O’Hara is one of my best friends. I just wanted you to know that I’m thinking about you and that I think you are the BEST! I can’t wait to meet you in person. Maybe we can read some funny books about Mrs. O’Hara. Hee. Hee. Best Wishes, Mrs. Smith

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