Clinic Day #15

October 1, 2009 After a pretty smooth clinic day, we’re still on the fence as to whether Tanner will be able to attend the Light the Night Walk tonight. She passed the first two hurdles… good counts and no transfusion necessary… but has yet to pass the third… feeling good.

This new chemo, Doxorubicin, she received today has really made her nauseated and she feels pretty lousy. I just gave her a dose of anti-nausea medicine 4 hours early, but don’t know if that will do the trick or not. She’s in my bedroom for a nap and I am hoping she will wake up feeling better. Bless her heart, she told everyone at the hospital today that she was going tonight and is so excited. She told me not fifteen minutes ago that she still wanted to go even if she didn’t feel good. She said we could pull her in the wagon.

Agggghhhhhh. This stinking chemo!

The good news is that her hemoglobin pulled itself back up to an acceptable level without having to have the transfusion. We did have to hold her down again today to get her anesthesia…. She was terrified. The doctor is going to give her some versed next time beforehand to lessen her anxiety. We’re also going to give her some anti-anxiety meds before she has her peg shots on Monday. The Peg shots are two shots given simultaneously in the thighs that are very painful. Tanner is terrified of shots and we won’t tell her until right before they give them to her which means we can’t do any of the numbing cream or ice to help with the pain. Needless to say, I dread Monday.

So far, Delayed Intensification is living up to its name.

Hopefully, she’ll see some of you tonight…


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