Our Last Night

May 14, 2010

We went our separate ways today. We were all planning on returning to the Magic Kingdom to hit all the attractions we couldn’t get to on Tuesday, but I had a feeling that Jake needed a break. So, I asked him this morning, “Jake, would you rather go to Magic Kingdom and ride the Buzz Lightyear ride or go to the pool?” As I suspected, the pool won out. There’s only so much overstimulation a three-year-old can take, particularly one who likes to toodle around as much as he likes a big event.

Tanner, on the other hand, never gets enough overstimulation… bring it on! So, she and John went to Magic Kingdom and Jake and I played around the pool, took a walk on the nature trail, chased some lizards, scared a turtle and, generally, just took it easy. He took a big nap and will be ready for our last day tomorrow at Animal Kingdom!

Tanner and John blew it out at Magic Kingdom. Without Jake and I to weigh them down and with the trusty Wish Button at hand, they tore up the park at lightening speed and returned home in the late afternoon, happy and sated.

As always in the Village, there was a party this evening… a Pirates and Princess party. So, we ate dinner, got faces painted and tattoos sprayed on at the spa and headed over to the pool for a great time. All the kids got to go on stage and be presented as Pirates or Princesses to the crowd and there were some hilarious pirates leading the dancing and fun, not to mention characters from Sea World. Amazing!

So, we’re sad it’s our last night… really sad. This has been such a respite to the drill that is cancer treatment and when we get back, chemo will come back, too. Back to the hospital, to the poking and steroids and… yuck! But, we will have these memories to hold us up for a while. And we can look at the pictures and talk about all the fun we had and thank Tanner for taking us all to Disney for a week… on her.

Tomorrow, we’ll check out and head to Animal Kingdom for our last day of fun. When we leave the park, we’ll head home and get as far down the road as we can before we have to stop for the night. We are welcome back here in the Village anytime we wish – but as day visitors, not overnight guests. And, I think we will come back again, to remember and to continue to thank those who make this gift possible.


The Magic of Being Special

May 13, 2010

John suggested two titles for my post today:

1) Is there anything a Superhero cannot fix?
2) Have you ever been put to bed by a six-foot rabbit?

It’s a good day when you can come up with two humdingers like that!

We started out this morning tired… very tired. Jake was coughing… a lot. And, Tanner was definitely not her peppy self. We decided we would just go to Universal, stay for a couple of hours and come home. When we got there, we discovered that Universal is no Disney World. You walk a long way to get into the park and the workers didn’t seem nearly as kind or customer service oriented. The kids were comatose, just going through the motions.

Then, as we were walking through Super Hero Island, some loud music came blaring out of the speakers and Superheros came riding down the street on three-wheelers. Jake and Tanner were mesmerized and we got in line, immediately, to get autographs and pictures. No heading to the front of the line here, we just waited with everyone else, hot and tired… bummer.

Then, Captain America noticed Tanner’s button and asked her a few questions and pointed her in the direction of… Andy… the true Superhero of the day. Andy pulled us aside and escorted us to a quiet, shaded spot where after about five minutes, we were treated to our own private superhero meet and greet!!!! Hurray! We were special again and the kids were enthralled. The Superheros were so kind to the kids and spent so much time with them. We will be forever grateful.

That moment turned the day around. Everyone perked up, we spent some quality time with the Dr. Suess characters as well, rode some rides, saw a Sinbad show, ate a little lunch and headed home in time for naps.

After dinner, the Village turned into Winter Wonderland! There were Christmas decorations everywhere, horse and carriage rides, Santa Claus, a Christmas parade and even snow from a snow machine. Unbelievable! Tanner and her new friend Maddy, raced around dancing with the parade characters and decorated some Christmas cookies while Jake and I chased a reindeer around and played in the fake snow.

We hustled the kids home for bed, who were indignant that we cut the party a little short for them. But, we had a special surprise… Ms. Merry, the wife of the Mayor Clayton of Give Kids the World Village (and a six-foot rabbit) came to tuck the kids in and put them to bed. They were enchanted. She led them to bed, pulled up the covers, checked under the bed for monsters and turned out the lights. Of course, after she left, John and I spent a good half-hour trying to get them calm enough to go to sleep!

Here’s the thing about being here. It’s not just the amusement parks or this amazingly fun village or anything else that there is to do here. It’s how special the kids feel. How after so many months of sacrifice, disappointment and pain, they feel magically, wonderfully special. That is the magic of this trip and we will be forever grateful to all the volunteers and employees of Make-A-Wish, Give Kids the World Village and the theme parks for making our kids have one shining, magical week in the midst of this hardship.


HUGE Day!!!

May 12, 2010

Wow! Three little letters to cover such a big, big day! We started with pony rides and complementary cowboy hats and ended with dancing, swimming and a magic show by the Village pool and splash park.

The day started kind of shaky. We went to pony rides and then Tanner said she had to go to the bathroom and threw up while we were in there. I was sure she was developing some kind of stomach virus and that our trip was officially over, but we headed back to the Villa to wait it out and see how she did. It’s not unheard of for Tanner to be sick from chemo and the concoction of other drugs she takes, but it’s not common either. Fortunately, that seemed to be the case, and 45 minutes later, we were on our way to Disney Hollywood.

Awesome stunt from the car and motorcycle show

We met up with Meredith and her parents, Bo and Sara, at Disney Hollywood and had a ball. Jake was in heaven. First, we got to meet some Power Rangers, then the kids got their faces painted and Jake looked like Flash Gordon, then we saw the car and motorcycle stunt show! Race cars, motorcycles and fire!!! Woo hoo! Every boy’s dream.

... and Jake's reaction to the awesome car stunt!!!

Tanner and Meredith had a ball, too. They got to see a High School Musical show and were chosen to dance with the dancers in the parade.

Beauties and the Beast

Again, we were treated like royalty. The fun thing today, though, was that Jake thought it was him that was getting us in to all the rides and shows first. One worker made a mistake and directed all her attention to him instead of Tanner and we all let him have his shining moment. He has also started showing his Wish Button at the entrance gate to the Village and saying, “I got you guys in!” with a huge grin on his little face. In reality, Tanner has the special Wish button that gets us everything, but we’re all wearing smaller wish buttons and we all have special stickers for the Disney Parks that let the workers know we’re with a Wish Kid. It’s amazing how kind they all are. They even let Meredith and her family come to the front of the line with us.

Tanner is feeling better today and coughing much less. I think we’re coming to the end of the virus, so maybe John and I will be able to relax and enjoy ourselves a little more. It’s been pretty unnerving to figure out how far to let her go and how much rest to force. Every time she would have a big coughing spasm, we would give each other a knowing look… the one that says, “This could be bad.”

Tanner and Meredith busting a move in the parade

Spending the day with Meredith let me know how much less stamina Tanner has than a normal kid. There was a parade at Disney Hollywood this afternoon and John and Bo went to get food for us all while the kids and Sara and I claimed a spot to watch the parade. It was hot sitting on the sidewalk and by the time the food came, no one really wanted it too much. When the parade ended, Tanner came to me crying and said she wanted to go home. We carried her (and Jake, who had not had a nap) back to the car. I think the heat really affected her, because after a rest and some food in the cool air conditioning in the Villa, she was ready to go again. But, Meredith and her family stayed at the park, I assume for hours.

We ended the day with a swim in the awesome pool and splash park at the Village. We ate dinner by the pool and then there was a pool party. Sponge Bob was there and Tanner danced and danced, while Jake swam and swam. We came home tired and ready for a good night’s rest.

We’re off to Universal Studios tomorrow. Home of Spiderman (need I say more?), Dr. Seuss and Shrek. Lots of shows and rides. Tomorrow night is Winter Wonderland at the Village… Santa Claus!!!


The Magic in the Magic Kingdom

May 11, 2010

Walt Disney, I could kiss you… and all the wonderful people who work in your unbelievable wonderland of fun.

We started out the day in the Village with autographs and photos of Boots from Dora the Explorer, then made the trek to the Magic Kingdom for one awesome day. Tanner’s coughing is still bad, but still no fevers. She clearly didn’t feel herself this morning, though. She was determined to be there, but not her usual animated self. I began thinking we were losing the battle and was wondering what the children’s hospital here would be like. But, a visit with the princesses and fairies really perked her up and she actually seemed somewhat better this afternoon.

Can I just tell you what being able to go to the front of the line at Disney means to us? I know many of you who have been to Disney are salivating at that concept, but I finally fully understood today why this privilege is extended to Wish kids. It’s not just because they deserve it (which they, of course, do), but because most could not do Disney without it. We were able to ride and do probably four times the amount of stuff today than we would have if we had to wait. And, Tanner wouldn’t have lasted otherwise. Just standing in the lines is too much for her over time. By skipping the lines, we spend most of our time sitting on rides and riding in the stroller and she is able to last long enough for us to have a good time. It’s essential… and really cool!

Jake experiencing the wonder of It's a Small World

She gets the total royal treatment. When we went to see the princesses, we were escorted by the nicest lady, through the exit line into the princess room where the princesses spent tons of time doting on my girl. They had real conversations and Tanner was fully wrapped in magic. Jake, on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with those princesses, but was pretty smitten with Tinkerbell. After the princesses, the lady took us next door to see the fairies, too. Wow! Talk about feeling special.

We left at just the right time, before everyone was completely exhausted, and after some rest, went to dinner in the Village. Tanner and Jake got to make pillows with a pillow machine and we found Tanner’s star, which she decorated last night, mysteriously placed on the ceiling overnight by the star fairy. There are thousands of gold stars on the ceiling of the Castle of Miracles in the Village… both and inspiring and a sobering sight. Makes you wonder why so many kids need to face life threatening illnesses.

We skipped Village Idol night (an American Idol spin-off) because Tanner was coughing non-stop and we wanted to get her in bed on time. Tanner will forever believe that event was canceled… she would never forgive us.

Her coughing appears to be a virus… one which Jake unfortunately seems to be catching. But, tomorrow marks seven days of coughing, so hopefully, we are on the down side of hers. If she had pneumonia or something else, she would have had a fever by now. They both had a virus like this over the winter, and it passed uneventfully.

So, tomorrow we’re starting with some pony rides in the Village. Then, it’s off to Disney Hollywood – High School Musical, Star Wars, Playhouse Disney, etc. We’re going with Tanner’s friend, Meredith, who happens to be here this week, too. Her Dad is being deployed soon, so this is a special trip for them, too, and we’re glad to be sharing tomorrow with them.

Feel the Magic!


We Made It!!!!

May 10, 2010

Our drive went well and we arrived yesterday at 6pm in Give Kids the World Village, the resort just for Wish kids. It is truly a magic place. There are probably 50-75 wish kids here with their families and 8,000 volunteers work together with a small staff to make every moment special for these kids who have been through so much.

Just a few highlights:

• The present fairy comes every day and leaves gifts for the kids. Today we got a special Give Kids the World Village Candyland game.

• The characters from three theme parks come here so the kids get more undivided attention. This morning – Goofy, Pluto, Mary Poppins, and Mickey and Minnie.

• The Mayor of Give Kids the World Village is a large rabbit and he and his wife, Ms. Merry are here every night. Tanner rode the carousel with Ms. Merry two times tonight and is so smitten with her. We will call tomorrow to arrange for Ms. Merry to tuck Tanner and Jake into bed one night this week.

Tanner and her new friend, Ms. Merry

• There is a putt-putt golf course, splash park, train, playground, magic castle, theatre, etc., etc., etc. All right here at our beck and call.

• There is an activity every night. Last night, there was a Candyland party on the playground with a DJ and Tanner danced the night away while Jake played on the playground. We even played a giant game of Candyland. Tonight, there were therapy dogs to pet, a Kinkachu and an armadillo to see, a man with a telescope showing you the sun and a party that we didn’t attend because everyone was tired.

• All of our meals are free here and there is ice cream all day long. We had ice cream right after breakfast this morning!

• Tanner had her nails and makeup done at La Ti Da spa and she and Jake both got airbrush tattoos. Again, all done by volunteers.

• The list goes on an on, I can’t say enough about these amazing people and how fun it is here in the Village before we even get to a theme park.

We went to Sea World today and saw the Shamu show and rode some rides. Everyone had a great time. Tomorrow, we’re heading to Magic Kingdom tomorrow to see the Princesses, Lightening McQueen and Mickey Mouse.

So, here’s the only downer… Tanner is still coughing… and coughing… and coughing. It definitely seems worse and it took her a very long time last night and tonight to get to sleep because of the coughing. But still, no fever, which is what they told us to look for. So, we don’t know anything else to do but keep going… carefully. We are trying not to wear her out and forcing her to take naps to try to avoid worsening her immune system with fatigue. She has had a coughing virus before that she got over without incident, so we’re hoping that’s what it is. We’re going to Magic Kingdom tomorrow because we’re terrified we’re going to end up in the hospital and that’s the theme park we would most want to go to if tomorrow is our last day. So, pray for healing for her.

That’s about it. Good night!


Disney Here We Come!

May 9, 2010

Well… we made it this far with no fevers and we’re on our way to Disney! As usual though, things haven’t gone exactly as planned.

Saturday morning, Tanner woke up sounding a little worse and we really struggled with what to do. If we canceled, we wouldn’t be able to reschedule until fall. If we went, we risked ruining the trip with a visit to the hospital and exposing her to all those germs when her immune system was compromised by possible illness. Ughh. We hate these decisions. We decided to take her to the pediatrician’s office and see what they thought. They listened to her lungs and checked her ears. ALL CLEAR!!! Then, they were kind enough to run counts for us. They were elevated… boo! That indicates she is fighting something. But, overall, the pediatrician felt like she was okay to go but suggested we check with her oncologist. So, I called in to clinic and gave them all of our information.. they also said, “Go!” But, in asking about whether we were exposing her to undue risk by taking her to a park with thousands upon thousand of people, they said the airplane was really our biggest risk.

After much deliberation, we decided to drive to Disney instead. It was just one risk we could eliminate. So, we called Make-A-Wish to cancel our flight, packed up and got the car tuned up within three hours, and got on the road yesterday!!!! Hurray! We drove last night to my parents’ house outside Atlanta and stayed overnight. This morning, we are on our way and should be there by 6 pm.

Tanner doesn’t seem any worse; she really isn’t coughing too much this morning. Everyone is super excited and we’ve got our fingers crossed we’ve made the right decision.

Mickey Mouse… here we come!


We Need a Miracle

May 7, 2010

Today, Tanner woke up with a nasty cough… two days before our Disney trip… seriously.

I can’t tell you how this is affecting all of us. John and I are worried to distraction. It will be a serious blow if we even have to postpone this trip. I’ve called clinic to see if there is anything we can do, but feel pretty sure they’re going to say, “Wait and see.”

We’re going to watch movies and play wii and rest all day… maybe it will fade. Doesn’t sound like allergies, but maybe, just maybe… Anything, we’ll take anything. We’re desperate.

We went to clinic yesterday for counts and they were perfect for this stage – 1200. Of course, we would have preferred to go to Disney with the higher counts we had two weeks ago (2,100), but the doctors feel good about these counts. The higher dose of 6 MP obviously did it’s job.

We need a miracle. Please let whoever’s in charge of those know that you agree.


A Wet Weekend and a Beautiful Monday

May 3, 2010

Goodness… I feel like I’ve lived a year in the last four days. As I am sure you have seen in the news, it is very wet here in Nashville. Thankfully, the flood held off Friday night for the Spring Fling at Tanner’s school. It was a beautiful evening. Spring Fling is a carnival-type event with a dunk tank, face painting, hula hooping, a firetruck, etc., etc., etc. Tanner and Jake ran and ran and ran and had the best time. Friday night is not usually the best night for Tanner… most times she doesn’t even eat dinner. She lasted all through Spring Fling, but paid for it when she got home. She didn’t feel good at all and couldn’t go to sleep until 9:30. I think it was worth it, though.

Saturday, we planned to stay close to home and rest up. Little did we know, we wouldn’t really have a choice. Yikes!!! Water water everywhere and all the boards did shrink!!! I have never seen it rain so hard for so long. The creek behind our house became a raging river of rapids within a couple of hours. The tornado sirens went off several times that day and night, but thankfully, nothing touched down. Sunday, more rain, more togetherness at the Page house. We got out in the afternoon to go to the grocery store and drove by Tanner’s school. The Harpeth River runs behind it and it had completely flooded the playground. Teenagers were swimming in the water and playing on the playground – ewwwwww!

That's Tanner's school playground in the background

We were very lucky nothing in our immediate area was flooded. Others were not so fortunate. Suffice it to say, it continues to be a mess here and many people have lost their homes.

This morning, I woke on a mission to save Tanner’s Make a Wish send-off party from the flood. Our volunteer Wish Coordinators, Erin and Erin, were so awesome, as was the Glow Galaxy for donating an awesome party. I began calling, emailing, googling Tanner’s classmates this morning to be sure we would have enough kids. No need to worry. They turned out in droves and we had a great time.

The party was a surprise for Tanner. I sent out invitations to the parents and asked them not to tell the kids until they were on their way to the party so we could keep it a secret. I told Tanner we were meeting a friend at Glow Galaxy for open play and John went early to gather all the kids and get them ready to yell, “Surprise!” And, yell they did! Tanner was a bit overwhelmed and Jake hid behind my leg, but everyone got over it quickly and had such a great time.

When we got in the car to go home, Tanner said, “Mom, when I asked you why we were having the party, I didn’t hear what you said; it was too noisy.” No kidding. She went the whole party and had no idea why we were there. I asked her what she thought could be the reason and she said, “Because I have leukemia, I guess.” Close enough.

Tanner on the Glow in the Dark Dance floor

At the party, we got our itinerary for our Disney trip this Sunday. Now, we’re officially excited. Tanner couldn’t stop asking me questions at bedtime. We’re ready.

Thank you so much to Make A Wish. There will never be a way to repay them for what they have done for Tanner and for all of us.

Here’s hoping you’re dry wherever you are.


Clinic Day #31

Clinic Day #32

April 22, 2010

It was a long, but pretty uneventful clinic day. We were there for nearly four hours to get five minutes of chemo, but sometimes that’s the way it works. It was standing room only and the doctors and nurses were literally running from room to room. Tanner’s beloved Nurse Carie was out of commission; she had dislocated her shoulder and was on desk duty. Tanner was a little nervous about Nurse Chris accessing her port, but did really well with it.

Her counts were actually high – 2,100 – higher than the doctors like them to be. They did raise her chemo, but only half of it. They bumped up her 6MP to 100% dosage, but not her methotrexate. The hope is that she’ll come back down to acceptable levels, but not bottom out before our Disney trip. We go back in two weeks, right before our trip, to check counts. I’m slightly stressed about the trip getting messed up by the upped chemo, but trusting the docs know best and also keeping in mind that counts that are too high allow leukemia cells to creep back in. Medicine before Mickey, you know what I mean?

Spending that much time sitting in the infusion room means the chance for me to chat with the other parents and Tanner to make friends. She brought a coloring book and crayons out to an adorable little boy named Ian who captivates Tanner and me nearly every visit. Then, she played Barbies with another 6-year-old and then, they shared an infusion chair while they played Wii.

I talked Disney with a couple of Moms to get the low down on Give Kids the World Village. And found that one’s little boy has been coming for treatment for four years due to relapses. The other has a sweet little one-year-old that is asleep every time we see them. She said they give him drugs to put him to sleep until several hours after his treatment or he throws up the whole time. I overheard two other families talking about brain tumors that were affecting their children’s sight and the surgeries they had gone through to try to save their eyes.

Later, an infusion chair opened up and Tanner and moved to the other side of the room where I sat inches away from a little baby and a very tired mom. We began talking and I found out her daughter was six months old and has face cancer. She has been undergoing daily radiation for four weeks and has two more weeks to go. She had already had radiation that morning and had been waiting for two hours for her chemo. The family lives in Chattanooga and has had to stay at the American Cancer Society house. In all, this precious, smiling baby will go through 10 months of chemo and radiation. She was kicking in her car seat, her nose raw and scabbed from the radiation treatments, but still cooing and shaking a little toy with a huge smile on her face.

I asked her mom when her daughter was diagnosed. “She was four months old,” she said.

“Not what you expect when you have a baby,” I said.

“No… I still can’t get my arms around it,” she gushed, looking as scared, tired and overwhelmed as I remember feeling those first months after Tanner was diagnosed.

I assured her that you do get used to it. That there will come a day when you don’t wake up every morning and think, “How did this happen? Does my daughter really have cancer?” You’ll just accept it.

And, the truth is, you do accept it and it gets a little easier when you’re not shocked every time you look at your child. But, it’s not what any of us expected… whether our kids were four months or 14 years when they were diagnosed. Not one of us ever expected to hear the words, “Your child has cancer.” It’s unimaginable, but the craziness in clinic today is testament to the fact that it happens all too often.

If you have been a long-time reader of Tanner Time, you might remember that Matthew West, a Christian recording artist, and his family came to our house one night to bring us dinner and sing some songs for Tanner. Tanner loves the CD that he left for us and we were playing it in the car the other day. There is a song on the CD he wrote for his daughter, Lulu, when she was born. It’s a beautiful song, but I have a hard time listening to it anymore because the lyrics tear at me.

The world’s a scary place here

But baby it’s alright

I’ll make sure the coast is clear

So you can just sleep tight

But if you’re afraid of monsters

Like everybody is

I’ll be right beside you

Closer than a kiss

Safe and sound
You’re here with me now
Like we hoped you’d be
Safe and sound
You’re here with me now
And that’s all I’ll ever need.

Here’s the thing about this song. It’s the way every parent feels. It gets to the core of what it is to be a mother or a father… to protect your child and make a safe place for them to grow up. But, in that room today, I saw dozens of kids whose parents would do anything to make them safe again. To make the monsters go away. But we are helpless to make it better. To soothe away the bad dream that is cancer.

So we trust our doctors. We accept that our child has a life-threatening illness and try to make their lives as normal as possible. We give medicine we don’t want to give. We watch for side effects we wish didn’t exist. We pore over lab results and pray we don’t hear bad news from the doctor.

But, mostly, we try to make sure our kids feel safe and sound… even if we know they’re not.


Happy on the Outside

April 20, 2010

Tanner at the party

Somehow six days have slipped by again without a post. Let me catch you up: Tanner did get to go to her birthday party at Jump Zone – she had a blast and I wasn’t the only Mom handing out the hand sanitizer. The Dalmatian passed the child-worthy test with flying colors and now we’re trying to work out going to the prison to visit him. If all goes well, we’ll put dibs on him and wait until he finishes training in June! Tanner is feeling well, although she seems a little tired and has had some headaches. John and I got to go on a date on Sunday night for the first time in months. We went to see a movie at the Nashville Film Festival produced by our next-door neighbor. Went to church on Sunday (Jake entertained the church during the children’s sermon by showing another child the inside of his nose…) and then had lunch at the home of some good friends. It was a great day.

Tanner dancing after the party... love the shoes

We got a package from Give Kids the World Village today. That’s the resort for wish kids at Disney where we will be staying. It was so exciting to see all that we will be doing. We get three Disney passes, two Universal theme park passes and one Sea World pass. Not to mention how awesome the Village is itself – putt-putt, horseback riding, a train ride, present fairies, ice cream all day, La Ti Da spa, etc., etc., etc. All the characters from Disney, Universal and Nickelodeon come to the Village to visit with the kids. If Jake sees spider man in real life, he may pass out. If only iCarly would show up… Tanner would need nothing else. I’m hoping this trip will suspend reality for us for a while. We could all use a break from that.

So life is good… why is my child so mad? Tanner is struggling with something that is resulting in massive temper tantrums. Her therapist thinks it is anxiety from the newness of school. That sometimes even really good things can be overwhelming. I think Tanner also tends to push until she is more than exhausted, which doesn’t help. Suffice it to say, I’ve received the brunt of Tanner’s anger and it’s exhausting for all of us. Poor Jake doesn’t understand what he has done wrong to make his sister suddenly turn on him. It’s frustrating to finally be at this good place and see her struggle so mightily with something. It’s like the emotion is too much for her, even though the emotion is happiness. Please pray that I keep my patience and that Tanner finds some peace and is able to fully enjoy this time.

It’s tough to know how to slow Tanner down… how to know when she’s had enough, even if she doesn’t think so. She called today from school with a tummy ache. When I got there with medicine, she was lying down on a bean bag chair while the rest of the class sat at their desks. She looked pretty miserable and I just decided maybe she should come home. She didn’t want to, but I felt the rest might be the best idea. She didn’t stay down long when we got home. After picking up Jake, she wanted to go for a walk. I took the wagon so she didn’t get tired, but on the way home, it looked like we had done too much. Then, the meltdown came over something small and stupid (isn’t that how they always happen?). And, she ended up losing some pretty fun stuff because she couldn’t get hold of herself. It’s just a no-win for everyone and I wish I had a rule book to follow. You know, the rule book for kids who have cancer and who have just returned to school and seem happy, but keep having meltdowns. Anybody seen that one at the book store? Online? Guess I’ll have an extra call with Allison. Sigh.

Thursday is her monthly clinic day. Vincristine through her port and the start of another five-day pulse of steroids (that ought to help the meltdowns, eh?). I’m hoping that if the docs want to raise her chemo they’ll let us wait until after Disney. It would be a huge disappointment to have to postpone the trip due to low counts. I’ve tried not to be specific with the kids about when we’re going just in case.

Hoping for a tantrum-free tomorrow…