A Wet Weekend and a Beautiful Monday

May 3, 2010

Goodness… I feel like I’ve lived a year in the last four days. As I am sure you have seen in the news, it is very wet here in Nashville. Thankfully, the flood held off Friday night for the Spring Fling at Tanner’s school. It was a beautiful evening. Spring Fling is a carnival-type event with a dunk tank, face painting, hula hooping, a firetruck, etc., etc., etc. Tanner and Jake ran and ran and ran and had the best time. Friday night is not usually the best night for Tanner… most times she doesn’t even eat dinner. She lasted all through Spring Fling, but paid for it when she got home. She didn’t feel good at all and couldn’t go to sleep until 9:30. I think it was worth it, though.

Saturday, we planned to stay close to home and rest up. Little did we know, we wouldn’t really have a choice. Yikes!!! Water water everywhere and all the boards did shrink!!! I have never seen it rain so hard for so long. The creek behind our house became a raging river of rapids within a couple of hours. The tornado sirens went off several times that day and night, but thankfully, nothing touched down. Sunday, more rain, more togetherness at the Page house. We got out in the afternoon to go to the grocery store and drove by Tanner’s school. The Harpeth River runs behind it and it had completely flooded the playground. Teenagers were swimming in the water and playing on the playground – ewwwwww!

That's Tanner's school playground in the background

We were very lucky nothing in our immediate area was flooded. Others were not so fortunate. Suffice it to say, it continues to be a mess here and many people have lost their homes.

This morning, I woke on a mission to save Tanner’s Make a Wish send-off party from the flood. Our volunteer Wish Coordinators, Erin and Erin, were so awesome, as was the Glow Galaxy for donating an awesome party. I began calling, emailing, googling Tanner’s classmates this morning to be sure we would have enough kids. No need to worry. They turned out in droves and we had a great time.

The party was a surprise for Tanner. I sent out invitations to the parents and asked them not to tell the kids until they were on their way to the party so we could keep it a secret. I told Tanner we were meeting a friend at Glow Galaxy for open play and John went early to gather all the kids and get them ready to yell, “Surprise!” And, yell they did! Tanner was a bit overwhelmed and Jake hid behind my leg, but everyone got over it quickly and had such a great time.

When we got in the car to go home, Tanner said, “Mom, when I asked you why we were having the party, I didn’t hear what you said; it was too noisy.” No kidding. She went the whole party and had no idea why we were there. I asked her what she thought could be the reason and she said, “Because I have leukemia, I guess.” Close enough.

Tanner on the Glow in the Dark Dance floor

At the party, we got our itinerary for our Disney trip this Sunday. Now, we’re officially excited. Tanner couldn’t stop asking me questions at bedtime. We’re ready.

Thank you so much to Make A Wish. There will never be a way to repay them for what they have done for Tanner and for all of us.

Here’s hoping you’re dry wherever you are.